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Do You Love Me? What About Now?

(Acirshda and Grey)

I’m just starting at the ceiling, listening to his heartbeat as he sleeps with me in his arms. I can’t believe that just happened…. Grey… just wow… His naked body… God… “Grey, please wake up.” I sighed sighed as I sat up and gave him a nug.

Acirshda woke me up, she seemed worried about something. “What’s wrong?”

“Do you love me?” she said as tears started rolling down her cheeks.

“Of course I do.” I smiled, sitting up and wrapping my arms around her and pulled her into my lap only sheets between us.

“I love you.” I sighed as he started kissing my neck.
“Grey…” I smiled as he playfully bit me neck. “What are you doing?”

“I don’t know.” he smiled at me before going back to kissing my neck.

What a memory… but now my beautiful Acirshda (Ace) dives herself into the ground.

I knocked on the bathroom door. “Ace come out!” I screamed at her.

“No, I won’t! I don’t want to!” She screamed.

“Goddamit!” You sound like a six year old!” I kicked down the door. A bloody knife in her hand blood running down her wrist tears dripping off her cheeks. “Ace!” I went to take the knife from her, but she dodged me and I fell in the bathtub. “Ace stop!” I screamed as she went to cut her wrist again. “Ice maker magic!” and froze her hand, but she can control ice so it just slid off her hand. So, I pick up a book that was sitting on the sink and throw it at her face and knock her out I dove to catch her. I laid her on the couch and wrapped her wrist, clean the knife and put it away. I sat on the couch and laid her head on my lap running my fingers thru her hair. “I don’t know what to do with you.” I went to our room and called Toxic and asked him and Silvia. They didn’t know either. When I walk back to the living room/kitchen she was smiling and working in the kitchen, cutting up vegetables.

“Hey, sorry, I was being way too over dramatic.” she smiled.

“Over what?” I sighed.

“You don’t need to worry about it.” she smiled.

“Ace, I want to be able to help.” I frowned. She put down her knife don’t and turned to me.

“If you really must know, I’m stressed.” she frowned.

“About what?” I sighed sitting on the couch.

“Well… A lot of things.” she sighed and went back to cooking.

“Tell me.” I hissed.

“Jinx…” she sighed.

“What about him?” I asked in shock. Haven't talk about him in almost two years.

“He’s getting out of prison tomorrow….” she frowned.

“I’m going to murder that bastard.” I growled.

“No your not.” she hissed.

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August 31, 2014
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