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Published: June 25, 2010
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A late night discussion with :iconladytania: revealed we both liked the cover to Justice League of America 166 [link]

So we wondered who might be behind a similar attack on Ultra Woman and White Owl. I have my ideas--but I'd like to hear yours too

This picture is lovingly dedicated to :iconladytania: and Doc Droid.

Ultra Woman and Violet are by :iconladytania: and used wih her permission

White Owl is by :iconwhite0wlsuperheroine: of course
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papalabasHobbyist General Artist
Great Szenario
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*walks to the statue and wires it to his cybernetics* Such beautiful statues to play with....
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Wonderful image. Perhaps the villain has an erotic interest in this trio of beauties. The control will make them compliant
but aware of what's happening. They enjoy the sex. Now the villain has to decide which heroine to ravish first. I know
who my choice would be. (Sinister chuckle)
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i like it it is very good
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Very cool and they look great.
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White0wlsuperheroineHobbyist Digital Artist
She'd be a real possibility now wouldn't she?
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@};- Love the pictrure my friend
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Three heroines overcome at once...YIKES!
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oooh more white owl..... now only if we could get one of her and ultra woman mud wrestling....

ummm just forget I said that
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ladytaniaHobbyist Digital Artist
mud is so hard to make in poser I think :)
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there is always soap suds..... or maybe not
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White0wlsuperheroineHobbyist Digital Artist
hmmm but Mud would just RUIN my costume
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well you could do it....... in a bikini along with ultra woman.....

now excuse me while I go look for soap..
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ladytaniaHobbyist Digital Artist
That looks really awesome. It does remind me of that comic...and I love the re-creations of those old covers. I am totally going to try one of these covers...I will try to have it soon too :) Great!!

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Another treasure indeed, Theena.
Your work is incredibly unique, always resourceful
and beautifully inspiring.
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What an adorable statue! It's the cutest little demon thingy I've seen in awhile. All three heroines are displayed very well. Taking over 'minds' - not a lot there. Bodies - that would be cool.
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"Hey! What are you 3 doing in my house? Stop picking on my Statue!" LOL :D
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Wow.. Fantastic picture. I love it @};-
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Gotta love the classic comics - so much inspiration!
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MontalveHobbyist Writer
really awesome image indeed :)
i love particularly White Owl pose
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White0wlsuperheroineHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!
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MontalveHobbyist Writer
my pleasure, really :)
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Wow, this is a fantastic pic!

The funny thing is, a while back, I briefly considered asking one of my artist friends to adapt that very same cover, only my heroines (Panther Girl, The Wasp, Polecat, and "Occulta, the Witch of the Silvery Star") would be in the process of getting knocked out, instead of mind-controlled. I eventually decided not to pursue the matter, however.

So I am very glad that someone did choose to adapt that wonderful old cover! Congratulations on a very entertaining 'superheroines-in-peril" scenario!
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