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.Iori Yagami.
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Published: September 3, 2006
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Wow, what an original title. I should win an Oscar for it, even better, an Emmy! ZOMG.

Ehm. This piece was drawn by *hac-studios and I found myself inspired to color it. She sent me a cleaned, inked version of which to work with, and voila, here's the finished version. I'd say it took, oh, 6 hours or so total, done entirely in Paint Shop Pro 7 with a bit of help from Adobe Photoshop CS (used it just to change the color of the lineart). I didn't add much, except a thicker outline to make him pop out more.

No critiques on the shading or highlighting, please. I just had fun with it and wasn't trying to make it look "right."

Hope you like, *hac-studios. Thanks for allowing me to color your amazing art. I had a lot of fun. :)

Iori Yagami © SNK
Art © *hac-studios
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iori is awesome YAMIBARAI!!!!
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Great Iori art, really amazing, love it.
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I think Iori Yagami is pretty awesome in KoF ^ ^
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isshi|Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice iori cartoon mode :3
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I have a request.

Could you do a pic of Harry Potter, and Danny Phantom together?

I'm thinking of a story of Danny Fenton as Harry's cousin, and that he was raised by them instead of the Dursleys.

I think it'd be cool if Harry was part ghost too, like Danny.

Just a hopeful request, but a great idea of mine.
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_-- I likes iori
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too Easy but wonderful anyway :meditate: :floating:
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awesome!! super coloring! :D
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kalifla|Hobbyist Digital Artist
So clean and crisp!
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Most awesome, like the pose-back turned with the
background ^_^!
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o wow!!! the coloring on him is fabulous!!! :D u did a great job on this pick.! it all looks very neat and altogether better than anything i've ever done! ARG!! lmao! ur such an inspiration :D ^_^ *tries to cover up my own failed photoshopping attempts* :lmao:
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The coloring is so clean and crisp. This looks really nice! Great job with the cel shading!
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Exquisite and vivid colours.
Nicely done job.
I'm unsure as to who that character is mind, but thats down to my ignorance rather than the quality of the work.
He is in for a shock when he trys running and find out some joker belted his kneecaps together though. ;)
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Thank you, luv. :)

I didn't know who the character was myself. It seems he's a character in a game for the PS2 called King of Fighters. Never heard of it. Hm.

Haha, I know! How could he run without tripping every few feet due to those straps? :giggle:
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Not familiar with the character but, your colour job is great!
I can never get the cel shading style right, it always looks weird and... umm... blocky, but you did a great job, as ever.
Nice work!
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I don't know who he is, but I think he's awsome!
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:excited: It looks awesome with the thick outlines. :nod: The sharp shading and highlights rock my socks! :XD: ;P
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Aw, thank you! :D
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I want the pants. I need the pants.
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You and me both. :drool:
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*sneaks off into bathroom with picture* :ninja: I luffles it
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Aww, I like it! :D
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Oilkanlarry|Professional Digital Artist
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