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I am a seriously aspiring author and illustrator. I have come to believe that my calling—in the most solemn sense of the term̵is in creative work. I believe I am called to give my life to crafting art and telling stories for others. I believe that I am called to use my talents to bring beauty and truth to others. That is what I have come to honestly believe after years of serious reflection. I hope to eventually be able to craft beautiful, substantial works that will touch and inspire people for generations to come. You can do with all that what you will. I train myself towards that end.

In the meantime, I am setting up a new presence on the World Wide Web as I continue to grow and mature.


NOTICE ABOUT MY CHARACTERS: Some of my OCs are intended for future comics stories. I do appreciate other people offering artwork of them provided that they acknowledge me and link back to me. By all means, let me share them too! However, due to how copyright law is written and is often interpreted, I WILL NOT ALLOW my characters to be placed in works that are to be sold commercially for profit. I am less stringent on characters made for role-playing games, but please do let me know what you are doing.

Tools of the Trade
Pencils, Paper, Scanner, Tablet, Stylus, Drawing and Graphics Programs
Other Interests
Comics, Motion Pictures, Drawing, Learning
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First and foremost, I simply wrote this letter to add my own bit of pressure, however small it might be, on a mainstream politician to go beyond business as usual within a liberal-democratic state. I did consider posting this to my webpages, but I was also aware that doing so could come off as performative—or legitimize right-wing sneers at “virtue-signaling”. Ultimately, I decided to go ahead and do so for two reasons. First, I wanted to publicly stand with indigenous peoples. Second, I wanted to offer a template for other people to write similar letters to President Biden. The letter that I mailed as a hard-copy is as follows. Mister President, I congratulate you on your election as President of the United States of America. In light of an attempted coup, I also congratulate you on a successful inauguration. I for one voted for you in hopes of preventing a potential neo-Confederate fascist dictatorship from taking hold and endangering even more lives. I for one also have openly
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MovieBob, Over four years ago I wrote an open letter to you in hopes of reaching you. I don’t know if it ever did. I don’t know if this one will either. I still felt a need to try to reach you. You are an online personality with a substantial following. You influence a decent-sized number of people. Back then, I was Catholic. About two years later, I felt a need to abandon Catholicism after so many years of struggling with it as convert—it was a difficult decision. The Catholic Right made me question what “Authentic Catholicism” (in the words of so many self-styled Cristeros) looks like in the real world, as did uncensored history. It’s likely no accident that I stepped away from Catholicism during the Trump administration, which many Catholic hierarchs and apologists promoted, whether subtly or overtly, all the way to the brutal and ugly end. I’ll start talking about my new spiritual path soon enough. Indeed, I share your anger towards the whole Christian Right which has long been
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I for one hoped that this year would get off to a nicer start than the previous year—but it certainly did not! By now you should have seen frightening videos of partisans of a wannabe strongman invading the Capitol in Washington DC. You might have even seen that one man wearing Nordic pagan symbols as tattoos along with a mock-Lakota headdress. I was unsure if I wanted to write about it. I wasn’t sure if I could add any meaningful commentary on top of what so many others have written or spoken. Maybe I should still at least attempt to add my voice in public. I don’t want to center whiteness, but I do need to address it to some extent. It’s no secret that the wannabe strongman has appealed to whiteness as an ideology and an entire social structure. Whiteness might be considered a hivemind, one that largely flattened and assimilated European peoples before going on to outright colonize other peoples and lands. I’ve said before that I am a man of Northern European descent and have
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