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You walk into a dimly lit room, candles, and crystal chandeliers are your only source of light. A handsome man ushers you in.
"Welcome to The White Raven Salon de Thé. The Pride of Paris."
He sits you at a table, the lace tablecloth is soft to the touch. Once you've ordered, a beautiful young woman sits your tea and cake in front of you. The tea is brewed to perfection and the cake is divine. All this for so cheap? It's like a dream come true! But you couldn't help but wonder... what was the catch?

The catch is, unbeknownst to you...

... everyone working here are Monsters.

Under Construction... Opening soon!

Currently open for Questions Only



All Affiliations welcome!!!



Semi-Casual RP/Slice-of-Life/Action/Adventure/Horror/Sci-fi
Rated PG-16

The year is 3079 Paris, France, What the average person doesn’t know, is The White Raven is a secret organization where Monsters hide in clear sight in the form of humans in cosplay. Using spatial magic they can hide an entire town of people in the back room of the cafe. In return for a safe haven, many of the monsters have agreed to protect Paris from Ferals. Fighting for the sake that one day humans will accept them

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