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Welcome - About the Group Folders

Go ahead and join, tell your friends, let's start building up a group of members. Requests to join should be automatically approved, but I'd appreciate it if you put your game username/chat nickname in the submission so that I know who you are ;)

Hi there. I've created several folders for you to display your artwork.

Horse Art
This is your horse art that is displayed on White Oak Stables, or any of the horse games. Examples would be horse pictures, layouts, etc. All mediums are accepted: manips, drawings, anything that you will use on one of the horse games. There is no submission limit to this folder. Artwork created for special events in the game such as special banners or awards go in the "Game Related Art" folder.

Dog Art
This is like the "Horse Art" folder, but for the art made for use on SimDog and Black Star Kennels. Again all mediums are accepted, no submission limit, and art made for any game events should go in the "Game Related Art" folder.

Game Related Art
I've sort of already outlined what I'm looking for in this folder. For WOS members this would be banners for special shows/races, the oakademy award images. I don't know what the dog games equivalents are, someone feel free to enlighten me.

Members' Other Artwork
This is for art made by members of the games that is not going to be used on the games. Digital, traditional, artisan craft, even literature - you can submit it here. The submission limit is set to one per week; this isn't the main focus of the group, but I think it's nice to have a way to share the art of which you are particularly proud. The submissions don't have to be horse/dog related.

Members' Resources & Stock
This is where you can put any stock photos you have taken, if you are into stock, any tutorials you've made, or any other resource you have that may be useful. I'd like to keep this folder to the resources that would be useful in making dog/horse art, so think dog or horse stock images, related tutorials, backgrounds, textures, etc. There's no submission limit to this folder. Anything submitted MUST be in the "Resource & Stock Image" category here on dA.

Members' Photos
This is for you to share photos of you/your horse/your dog. This folder is less of a focus on art, on more of a focus of sharing what's important to you with other members. Submission limit is set to one per week.

Notes about submitting.
Each submission will be approved before being accepted into the group - not a lengthy process, all I need to do is hit a button. I'm not making any quality judgments about the art you submit. You're welcome to submit regardless of your level. Hopefully members will be willing to offer constructive criticism and help everyone's art improve. Also, any stock images used need to be credited before I'll accept. If your submission is missing credits I'll let you know, and wait to accept until after all of the credits are there.

Gallery Folders

Horse Art
Reflecting by BilbosBiggestFan
Exposed by BilbosBiggestFan
Fairyland by RareBlackAngel
Sunset by Shadrrack
Dog Art
Mountain Pass by KissingVengfulAngels
Game Related Art
Friends by MoonInTheMist
Looking Back by MoonInTheMist
November- Special Show Pic by Nalie-Nals
Odds Chart by FoxandBird
Members' Other Artwork
Fox by MoonInTheMist
Golly Portrait by RebeccaLongArt
Just Play Along by KissingVengfulAngels
Ghostly Elegance by MoonInTheMist
Members' Resources and Stock
Cutting Tutorial: Part One by CandyApple63562
Cutting Tutorial Part Two by CandyApple63562
Cutting Tutorial Part Three by CandyApple63562
Stock - Tree Base by RareBlackAngel
Members' Photos
'Just 5 more minutes mom' by StraySunshine12
Santa Golly by RebeccaLongArt
So hello there.  Hopefully you are reading this because you are a member of White Oak Stables, Black Star Kennels, SimDog Network, or Turf Horse.
This is a new group and I've never been a group administrator before.  Please comment with your advice or suggestions.  So far I've created folders and set submission limits.  I've added a description of each of the folders on the front page.  Within an hour or so I should have created a group avatar.
I'm sending out member requests to all of the people I know on dA that play one of the games.  Please help spread the word.
In the meanwhile submissions are open, so go ahead.  You don't have to submit new art, you can submit stuff you've made in the past as well.
So suggestions, comments, go ahead and let me know! :evillaugh:
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