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Jedi Disney Princess Jasmine

Fifth Disney Princess in Jedi uniform: Jasmine!

Jasmine (C) Disney
Drawing (C) :iconwhite-magician:
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Jafar better watch out.

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Agrabah is a now a space town with creatures alike.
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Love the outfit of Jedi Jasmine, her lightsaber matches her outfit and is the color of the sky and the same lightsaber that Obi-Wan and Anakin has.
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She looks like she can easily be found on Tatooine. :)
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I feel with her personality and the Arabian style and theme-ing, Jasmine is the most fitting of the Disney Princesses to be a Jedi. :)
And it's now possible to turn Disney Princesses into Jedi.
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Jasmine: threaten them and I will stop you.
opponent: do you even know how to use that?
jasmine: I do... And I will use it to defeat you.
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I'm glad you liked that. I had ideas for the others but my knowledge on light-saber colors is rusty.
jedi princess Jasmine cool that may make Aladdin a smuggler
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Yes, Aladdin would surely be a sassy smuggler ^^
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As are the other Jedi princesses.
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love your design for Jasmine jedi.
Just a thought: if she was a with would she be wearing something closer to when she was enslaved by Jafar? Lotsa red...
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Thanks ;)
Well, I think you're right. Lots of red and murderously sexy, her slave outfit would be good ^^
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Yesssssss! Loving all of these, but this is def my fave costume. Lovelovelove!
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Thanks for you comment :) I'm glad you like it :) This one and Mulan's costume are inspired by real Star Wars costume, the others not really :) 
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I love this uniform!
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