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Jedi Disney Princess Ariel

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Ariel as a Jedi.

I like her outfit. Of course, it’s a bit far from her usual outfit, but I tried to keep the form of her seashells. The color scheme is better than her original’s I think, it was weird in purple and green

Drawing (C) :iconwhite-magician:
Ariel (C) Disney
Star Wars (C) Georges Lucas
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Nice drawing. Can you make another Ariel drawing, but with her fish tail?
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Cool. Can you try Melody as Ariel's Padawan?
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That is so asome, I love the designs can you draw the one in the pink dress Jedi style
White-Magician's avatar
I'll add it to the list ;-) I may revamp her after Judy :-)
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Can you draw the same Ariel with the pink outfit
Andruril93's avatar
I think that's a good move, balancing out the colors.  Very good indeed.

Impressive work too.  You really captured her in a Jedi's style.  I like this.
Thanks for the inspiration for my cosplay! I'm changing the colors a bit, I'll be sure to credit! 
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Looks like Mara Jade hehe I really like it
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Check my Jedi version of her then I'll draw the redesign Jedi version of her.
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I really really like the gold on her, it really works with the browns and shells.  And yes, I agree, the colours are better than green and purple together.  Great job and I am loving this series
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Thanks for your comment! You're one of the few who isn't disappointed with the colors :)
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Is it bad of me to say do 'this one'? If do, disregard, if not... I'd love to see her sisters or since you were commenting about Erics starship... it would be kinda cool to see the guys, even if they aren't jedi :) might be kinda cool if they weren't, though Beast would make a killer wookie Jedi haha
Funny, I actually did something similar myself:…

Good job, either way.
Hi! I found this pic while looking for a Jedi Ariel I'd like to do as a cosplay. I can already see I wasn't the first one ^_^ I gotta say I LOVE the outfit although if I were to do it, I'd keep the original colors. I know it'd look weird but I'd like to try. However, I want to ask for your permission to do this cartoon art as a cosplay and change the colors; afterall, it's your design. I promise I'll post pics of it!
White-Magician's avatar
Hi! Yes you can and you can change the colors ;) As long as there is a credit for the design, it's fine :)
Oh I can't wait to see it!
THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!! As soon as I work on it, I'll show you pics. You are amazing!! :) 
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:) awww thanks! You're too! I can't wait to see the photos!
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Hmmm....but who says Jedi's need legs?
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Well, if she doesn't have legs, how can she drive Eric's spaceship? :)
sweetsirin22's avatar
With her Jedi mind-tricks. ;-)
Don't forget her daughter Melody, she should also be a Jedi in training.
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She's on the list, don't worry :) She's going to make her mama proud!
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