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Cool cat club for white kitties!
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Is this group still active?

Yes, it is. I check my personal and Group messages daily. Thanks for asking!

Our family has never been without a white cat.  According to my oldest daughter, we've had a white cat each time I've had a child.  That's not true now but a white cat does signify major changes.  Saphaire passed years ago and we've been stuck where we are.  But ever since little Yuki joined us last year, we've decided to leave our noisy neighborhood for a new forever home (we're now retired).  We'll trust her to help us find that home as well as give us luck to sell our present one. 
Awww...cats are so special. Good luck in finding your new forever home.
Thankies for the fave! …D’aaawww! So many kitties in your gallery! :heart: Love them all!