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Character List of names :bulletred: white hair boys :bulletred: :bulletred: white hair girls :bulletred: :bulletred: white hair animal & furry :bulletred:

Different white boys name:
Got any new names got white, do tell. I add them to the list; it does not have to be cartoons (anime) it can also be movies or games.
Their links side the character name to show what they look like.

:bulletgreen: A to Z:bulletgreen:
:bulletblue: :iconaplz: :bulletblue:
Abel Nightroad – from Trinity Blood…
Abel Nightroad Crusnik form - from Trinity Blood…
Accelerator- from to aru majutsu no index…
add - from elsword…
Akihiko Sanada – from Persona…
akise- from mirai nikki…
Allen Walker – from D.gray-man…
Alphinaud Leveilleur - from final fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn…
Amano Lugae from final fantasy IV…
Amidamaru – from Shaman king…
Aoi Kiriya – from Kare first love…
Archer – from Fate stay night…
Ash – from Kuroshitsuji…
Asuka Masamune – from Otomen…
Ayame Sohma – from Fruits basket…
Azul - from final fantasy vII dirge of Cerberus…

:bulletblue: :iconbplz: :bulletblue:
Bakura ryou – from YuGiOh!…
bartz klauser - from final fantasy v…
Byakuran – from Katekyo Hitman Reborn…

:bulletblue: :iconcplz: :bulletblue:
Cecil Harvey - from final fantasy IV…
Chika Akatsuki – from Zombie Loan…
Craft Lawrence – from Spice and Wolf…

:bulletblue: :icondplz: :bulletblue:
Dante – from Devil May Cry…

:bulletblue: :iconeplz: :bulletblue:
Edge Geraldine - from final fantasy IV…
Elgo – from Final Fantasy Dimensions…
Excenmille M Aurchiat – from final fantasy VII…

:bulletblue: F:bulletblue:
Fate averruncus – from Negima
Firion - from final fantasy II

:bulletblue: G:bulletblue:
Gauche suede – from Tagami Bachi
Genis – from Tales of symphonia
Ginko – from Mushi-shi
Gintoki –  form Gintama
Galuf Halm Baldesion- from final fantasy V
Genesis ccvii degraded - from final fantasy vII

:bulletblue: H:bulletblue:
Haine – from Dogs
hampnie hambert- kamisama no inai nichiyoubi
Haseo – from .Hack //G.U.
Hatsuharu Soma – from Fruits basket
Hayato Gokudera – from Katekyo hitman reborn
Helios – from Sailor moon
Heppokomaru – from BoBoBo
Hitsugaya Toshiro- from Bleach
Hizuki Jin – from time stranger Kyoko
Ho-suk Yang – from Croquis pop
Halim Ondore IV - from final fantasy XII
Hope Estheim - from final fantasy XIII
Hope Estheim - from final fantasy XIII – 2
:bulletblue: I:bulletblue:
Iceland – from Hetalia Axis Powers
Ichimaru Gin – from Bleach
Inouva - from Magic Knight
Isana yashiro from project K
isley- claymore
Inuyasha – from Inuyasha
:bulletblue: J:bulletblue:
Jiraiya – from Naruto
:bulletblue: K:bulletblue:
Kakashi Hatake – from Naruto
kalin kessler- yugioh 5ds
Kaworu Nagisa – from Evangelion
keats beast form - from folkore
Kensei – from Bleach
Killua Zoldick – from HunterXHunter
Kimimaro – from Naruto
Konoha- kagerou project
Kurama – from Yu yu hakusho
Kadaj - from final fantasy vII
Kuja - from final fantasy IX

:bulletblue: L:bulletblue:
Lag Seeing - Tagami Bachi
Ledo from gargantia
L-elf/Mikhail Karlstein from valvrave
luneth from final fantasy III
Loz - from final fantasy vII

:bulletblue: M :bulletblue:
Mafumafu's avatar- (he's a male utaite)
Michael and Sytry from makai ouji
miketsukami- (inu boku ss)
Muraki kazutaka - form yami No Matsuei
Makenshi – from Final Fantasy: Unlimited

:bulletblue: N:bulletblue:
Near – from Death note
Nero – from DevilMayCry 4
nagoya- tonari no kabutsu kun
Noctis Lucis Caelum - from final fantasy XIII
:bulletblue: O:bulletblue:
:bulletblue: P:bulletblue:
Prince Diamond - Sailor Moon
Prussia - Hetalia Axis Powers

:bulletblue: Q:bulletblue:
:bulletblue: R:bulletblue:
Rosiel – from  sanctuary
Ryohei Sasagawa - from Katekyo hitman reborn
:bulletblue: S:bulletblue:
Saburo – from Keroro
Sasame – from Pretear
Sasuke – from Samurai deeper Kyo
Satoshi Hiwatari -  from D.N.Angel
Scar – from Full metal alchemist
Sephiroth - from Final Fantasy VII
Sesshomaru – from InuYasha
Shinrei – from Samurai deeper Kyo
Shion from No.6
Smoker – from One piece
Snake- black butler
Soul Eater Evans – from Soul Eater
Sparda – from DevilMayCry 3
Superbi Squalo – from Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Setzer Gabbiani - from final fantasy VI

:bulletblue: T:bulletblue:
Tenkai – from Onimusha
Tomoe- kamisama Hajimemashita
tsubasa- beyblade
Tsume – from Wolf's rain
Tellah- from final fantasy IV
Thancred – from Final Fantasy XIV

:bulletblue: U:bulletblue:
Ukitake Juushiro – from Bleach
Undertaker from kuroshitsuji
:bulletblue: V:bulletblue:
Vergil – from DevilMayCry 3
:bulletblue: W:bulletblue:
Weiss - from final fantasy vII
:bulletblue: X:bulletblue:
Xerxes Break- pandora hearts
:bulletblue: Y:bulletblue:
Yami Bakura – from YuGiOh!…
Yaten Kou – from ailor Moon
Youji – from Loveless
Yue – from Card Captor Sakura
Yazoo - from final fantasy vII
Yaag Rosch - from final fantasy XIII

:bulletblue: Z:bulletblue:
Zero – from Vampire knight…
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Accelerator- from to aru majutsu no index
Xerxes Break- pandora hearts
Tomoe- kamisama Hajimemashita
Konoha- kagerou project
Mafumafu's avatar- (he's a male utaite)
Snake- black butler
miketsukami- (inu boku ss)
akise- (mirai nikki)
Shion- no.6
hampnie hambert- kamisama no inai nichiyoubi
kalin kessler- yugioh 5ds
isley- claymore

ah that's all i can remember as of right now


nagoya- tonari no kabutsu kun (HE'S GOT WHITE FEATHERS :DDDD)