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Salty summer swells
split apart
sticky shells; a stream – the Styx – slips out,
and Semele stands on sandy shores,
Unshrouded scents scud
to shuttered skylights
& the sleepless sailors, (on sabbatical, but
sans sanctum)
sniffle, sit up,
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Maia: The Life of a Runt - The Face of a Mother
When I first find out the news, I run. This probably isn’t the smartest course of action, but at the moment I’m not listening to the voice of reason – I’m listening to the voice of fear, the voice that shrieks in your ear like a mountain wind and feels like one too, ripping the fur off your body hair by hair just as a wind would rip the foliage off a tree leaf by leaf, rendering you naked and freezing. At this point, all that’s rushing through my mind is Find warmth! Find warmth! Find warmth! so that’s exactly what I do.
Unfortunately, my idea of what is warm is a little different from other wolves’ (or maybe my brain is just jumbled.) In any event, when my fear runs out I somehow find myself crouched at the top of a gigantic waterfall overlooking the valley in which I live. This wouldn’t have been so bad had the waterfall not been jutting out from the chest of the mother of all mountains, and had I not come upon this waterfall in
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My Boy is of the Sea
His voice is deep but hollow,
a riddled-out cavern driven deep
through the center of the earth
His laughs are glancing echoes
off long-forgotten bones,
his whispers swirling currents
scooping pearls from their oysters -
rushing tides about to sweep
an unsuspecting seabird off her feet
From his eyes, bubbles dribble,
opaque tears slipping off a
crocodile snout, and he drifts near me,
arms stretched wide – beseeching,
though the whole ocean is at his command
Seahorses wound through his kelp-forest hair
whinny a warning,
but I am entranced
Surely nothing this beautiful could be
Surely nothing that wants me like this
could also want me harm?
His crab claws lunge for me, but I am not afraid
They rake across my feathers, but I am not in pain
Even blood looks beautiful down here -
it hides me from the world
Waves grab me up, and toss me
I am a whirlpool.
My innocence goes flying
Swallowed by a binge-happy blue whale
My wings are shredded
by a crowd of eager piranha,
And my ba
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She is chiaroscuro on the canvas of his heart,
an oxymoronic pleasure for the tablet of his soul.
Carving sweet nothings in the screws of his ribcage,
She waits at his feet with a chloroform rag.
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Lil(y’s)lies crushed in pa(i)ge’s spine a leather-bound back,
stemmed words weep
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Premature Birth
My heart is a chick
Born early
In eggshell remains
Not knowing how to speak,
Not knowing how to see,
It simply throbs,
With the soft, powerful tremor
of an underwater echo.
Though it has shed the yolk of childhood,
Though it has cracked the shell of adolescence,
It cannot move from its place of hatching – it won’t stop basking
In the d(r)ying juices of the yolk,
Where tattered bits of eggshell,
Shield its tired eyes.
Shifting in its habitat,
It flutters
With flimsy feathers, fragile skin,
And something innocent of the world.
Its wings have not beat
to the winds of change
Its voice has not bounced back
From the valley of the shadow of death
And it has certainly,
never crashed.
When everyone is auctioned off,
It will be left behind.
Others will be chosen, others whose
Pulse beats strongly, others whose wings don’t
Skip a beat, others who do not suffer from
Premature birth.
And this chick will be all alone.
A farm dog will eat it,
Or a flood will wash i
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"'Half of the joy in 'I love yous' are derived from the anticipation one feels knowing they are sure to hear it again.' That’s what my psychology textbook says, but I call bullcrap. What about all those people who have one-night stands? You don’t think they’re just as happy as people in regular relationships?"
“I don’t think people in one-night stands say ‘I love you’, Lisa.”
“Well, why not? It’s not like the word ‘love’ means anything to anyone anymore. ‘I ‘love’ Cheese Nips, and I also ‘love’ you, darling sweetheart.’ What am I supposed to say to that, Sherry? ‘Gee thanks; I’m so glad you think as highly of me as you do a manufactured chip of fake dairy product?’"
“Cheese Nips actually use 100% real cheese. There’s a little sticker on the box that says so.”
“That’s not the point, Sherry! Are you even listening to me at all?
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
"...Nothing important, or meaningful, or beautiful, or interesting, or great ever came out of imitations. The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself."

-Anna Quindlen…

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  • Listening to: "This is What Makes us Girls" - Lana Del Rey
  • Reading: "The Glass Castle", & "My Name is Asher Lev"
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I'm really sorry to say this, especially since some of you have already responded to the previous journal and kindly given your suggestions, but I have recently come to the decision that I am not going to apply for the writing summer programs after all. I was just cutting it a little too close this year (most of the apps are due by March 1st), and after some close consideration we've decided that it just wouldn't work with my family's already-established summer plans. I'm kind of bummed, but there's always next year I suppose. Thanks to Katastofi and Nymah-Rose for responding to my earlier journal <3 ; sorry for the inconvenience.

I know it appears I haven't been writing by my lack of deviation submission, but actually, I have. :) I recently had a huge surge of inspiration for the novel idea I have been working on on and off for the past year and a half and have been planning like mad ever since. This is the novel I first conceived in July of 2012 and wrote during the last Camp NaNo and the past two NaNos. I have since decided to replan and rewrite it, since I think the core idea of the novel is good and there are several characters I like, but most of the plot is a dud. I have now been planning it for about a month and a half and it's going really well; I have a semi-detailed plot outline of the first book and have the beginning and end of the second book in this world figured out (I just need the middle) and have rough sketches of most of the characters down. I'm hoping to have a really detailed plan by July, so that I may participate in Camp NaNo with this novel. :) Wish me luck!

As for deviantart material, I still have a few old poems I never submitted that I may fix up and submit at some time or other, and I have about half of the short story I was talking about in an earlier journal finished; it has been put on hold since I began planning my novel, but I definitely plan to finish it sometime soon.

In other news, I've been reading some good books lately. I'm currently reading "The Glass Castle" by Jeanette Walls; it's a memoir, but it reads like a novel and it is quite extraordinary. I'm simultaneously reading "My Name is Asher Lev" by Chaim Potok as well; so far, that's a great read too. I also just finished "Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl" and I think it might be one of my favorite pieces of writing; definitely my favorite nonfiction book. It is an amazingly powerful read and I highly recommend it if you have not read it.

Finally, my school's spring musical is coming up. We're doing "Thoroughly Modern Millie" and if you have not heard that album you have not lived; it has such fantastic, catchy, funny, sweet songs and the musical itself is enormously funny and creative; I am super excited. If you are at all into showtunes, (or even if you're not ;) ) I recommend looking into them!

Much love,



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