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  • Listening to: Coma
  • Reading: Maja Lidia Kossakowska
  • Watching: The Tudors
  • Eating: Cookies
  • Drinking: Tea
I thought about writing something, but as long as I don't have much to say, I will leave this note almost empty. This is a good place if someone want to write me a comment or remind me or ask a question;)

Also, take a look at those profiles:
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  • Listening to: Alice In Chains
  • Reading: Terry Goodkind
  • Watching: LOST
  • Eating: Cookies
  • Drinking: Tea
I couldn't believe in this, but …. I WAS TAGGED!!!
It's just unbelievable, that someone want me to tell all of this crapy stuff about …. ME :floating:

It would be boring, boring, boring, so If you decide to read, remember that I warn you!!! :katana:

So, now I'm starting… 8-)

1. Name: Magdalena (I know that it's beautiful :flirty: )
2. Date of birth: 20. 11. 1988 (I'm young or old? :sherlock: )
3. Place of birth: Lodz
4. Where are you exactly in this minute: in front of my computer! (so surprising, right? ;p )
5. Eyes color: brown (I always wanted to have green… :pray: )
6. Hair color: in original – brown, but black now :lol:
7. Height: 172 cm
8. Shoe size: 40
9. Right or left-handed: right
10. Zodiacal sign: Scorpio
11. Civil status: free like a wind :sing:
12. Nick names: Angel, Sikorka (In English: Tit :aww: ), Angelic…
13. Siblings: another Magda, sis =p


14. What were you doing yesterday?: sitting on lectures all day long…
15. What you are going to do tomorrow?: Oh no!!! More lectures!!! :disbelief:
16. What are you listening to, now?: <turning on winamp> Three Days Grace :tunes:
17. What country you want to visit?: Italy and Egipt and Brasil and India etc. :D
18. What is your worst fear?: That I hurt people, I love and loose them.
19. What are you wearing now?: white socks, black jeans, blue jumper and forget about lingerie, because I won't tell!!! :shh:
20. If you were a crayon, then what color?: green
21. If you were gardening tool [?!?!?], which one?: :confused: … scissors
22. If you were a mark of punctuation, which one?: :eyepopping: Maybe *, because I like stars
23. What would you never hang on your wall?: dead body wins with pink feathers :eyes:
24. What you have under your bed?: floor =)
25. One or two pillows, feathers or cotton?: 4 pillows, is it a good answer, or I have one call to friend? :fella: And definitely feathers ;)
26. Trousers or skirt?: It depends of my humor and laundering ;p
27. Are you a vampire?: I love vampires so much :heart: but I'm not one of them… unluckily… =(


28. Easy?: YOU WISH!!!
29. Lonely?: Definitely not, I have my friends!!! :blowkiss:
30. Understanding?: It depends on situation, but mostly I am.
31. Arrogant?: NO WAY! I'm not, right? <looking around with agitation>
32. Uncertain?: Sometimes
33. Interesting?: Of course, I don't even have to write it! B-)
34. Friendly?: I don't have to, but I will say it… Extreme friendly!!! :lick:
35. Smart?: Ummm…. Can I refuse answering one question? ^^;
36. Moody?: Yes, sometimes I don't know how people can stand it.
37. Childish?: <looking around at teddies and angels> Yeah
38. Independent: No, I'm not, I had to have someone, to take care of me. :aww:
39. Emotional steady?: :nod:
40. Shy?: Sometimes
41. Attractive? I can't tell myself… <trying to be modest>
42. Easy getting bored?: I sleep on physics so try to guess =)
43. Responsible?: Very!!!
44. Sad?: Sometimes, but only for a day. I'm recovering fast. ;)
45. Obsessive?: <looking at angels figurines in the shop with crazy look> No, at all :slow:
46. Maniacal obsessive?: Sesesesesesese….. <madness look>
47. Psycho?: <looking at empty wall> Noooooo…..


48. Your childhood?: cows and hens at backyard :D
49. Your weakness?: Eating sweets is not making me thin at all!
50. Your anxiety?: Spiders!!! Huge arachnophobia!!!
51. Your favorite pizza?: with mushrooms and chicken =)
52. Your humor now?: pretty good  ;)
53. Your music?: rock and metal
54. Your taste?: I'm very sweet :flirty:
55. Your hair?: long, dark ;p
56. Your smell?: vanilla with blackberry
57. Your favorite star?: Jared Leto *_*
58. Your communicator?: GG, if you now what this is ^^;
59. Your first thought at morning?: "Shut up, alarm!"
60. Your best physical feature?: Hair
61. Your time for going to bed?: It can be anytime :sleepy:
62. You regret most?: <shrug>
63. Your talisman?: angel on my neck
64. Your favorite quotation? "We are angels with one single wing. We can only fly if we are together embraced."
65. The worst song you've ever heard?: "Diamond bitch" bleeeee….
66. The last thing you eat?: yoghurt
67. The last thing you said?: "Mum, when we are going to do the laundry?" =)
68. The best song you've ever heard?: hard to say… "I hate everything about you" Three Days Grace; "Men who sold the world" Nirvana; "Chop Suey" SOAD and much more ;)
69. Your shoes?: glany [I don't know English name :P ]
70. Your most embarrassed situation?: I will tell you next time ^^
71. Your room?: blue with vampire and angel on the wall :D
72. Your point in life?: to get a Nobel prize*_* to have a family and be a happy person <dreaming>
73. Character form book/film who is similar to you?: <thinking hardly> I'm very special =)
74. First word you think right now?: animal <listening to "Animal I have become">


75. Disappoint your friend?: Yes 
76. Have an affair with your friend?: Nooooo….
77. Feel rejected?: Yeah… :tears:
78. Fell in love?: Not yet, still waiting =p
79. Desire?: Something or someone? :P
80. Take advantage of someone?: Only in good things, and when someone wants to be exerted ;)
81. Been used?: I wouldn't call it that way 
82. Cheat?: A little lie can be helpful sometimes ^^;
83. Been cheated?: Yes, but I heard "sorry" and I already forgot =p
84. Did something you regretted?: Yes, unluckily…
85. Loved someone to tears?: I hate tears! <shaking head>
86. Smoke?: only one cigarette!!! :roll:
87. Were so drunk that you couldn't stand by yourself?: No, no, no!!!
88. Break the law?: Crossing street on red light :P
89. Broke one of your bones?: :no:
90. Cheated on exams?: Yes, maaaany times ;)
91. Been on a diet?: No, I like to eat very much*_*
92. Play in "truth or task": Yes, nice game :P
93. Make someone laugh?: They're always laughing at me, even If I don't do nothing special =)
94. Make someone sad?: I did… 
95. Kissing stranger?: Not yet =p
96. Fight?: with my sis ;)
97. Sleep naked?: all the time :aww:
98. Ride in a police car?: No, they didn't want to take me ;)
99. Fly in a plane?: not yet, but I definitely want to try 
100. Were close to death?: I had two car accidents but nothing special happened.
101. Were in sauna?: Yeah, and I like it a lot!
102. Were in solarium?: Nooo!!! It's scary!!! I watch "Final Destinatin 3"!!!
103. Swam in ocean?: No, but I would love to ;p
104. Took drugs?: No
105. Play in undresses games?: Yes, but I won ^^
106. If yes, than with other people?: Is it possible to play undresses games with yourself? :XD:
107. Been intoxication?: Yes, I was sick…
108. Laugh at someone?: Only when we were joking :P
109. Were bitten?: By my uncle when I was 5, and couldn't win with him ;)
110. Though about gangster carrier?: Such sweet angel like me?!? NEVER!
111. Thought about prostitute carrier?: Again  I'm angel, so answer yourself :floating:


112. You spoke to?: My doggy, if he can be a person =P
113. You spoke through the phone?: My mum
114. You spoke through msn/gg/mail?: Skrobak
115. You laugh with?: Mary
116. You kissed?: I'm not going to tell!!! :XD:
117. That broke your heart?: Now one, I'm strong! :meditation:
118. That kissed you?: Kiss me where? ;p
119. You sleep with?: I don't like those questions…. *sob*


120. Have you ever color your hair?: All the time
121. Do you wear contact lenses?: No
122. Do you have any tattoos?: Not yet :aww:
123: Do you have earings? How many and where?: Only 3 on my ears…
124. Do you have a car?: I don't even have driver license ;p
125. Do you have web cam?: :no:
126. Can you get away from you computer?: No, no, my precioussss….
127. Do you like parks?: Very
128. Do you like cemeteries?: Yes, they have something mysterious, at night, when now one is around :devilish:
129. You prefer empty beach or with hundreds of people?: Empty at night and stars in the sky :nod:
130. Do you collect something?: Almost everything, I don't even want to look into my closet right now…
131. Have you ever work?: Yeah, but I'm so lazy!
132. Do you like shopping?: It depends what I want to buy and with who :D
133. Do you like parties?: YYYEEEAAAHHHH :dance:
134. Do you like beer?: No
135. Dou you sing?: At the shower? :sing:
136. Have you ever had an accident?: 3 times, OMG
137. Have you ever fall in love?: unfortunately yes ;(
138. Do you want to study?: I'm already studying biotechnology =)
139. Did you like your high school?: Yes, I miss it a lot!
140. Do you want to get married?: Maybe someday…*daydreaming*
141. Do you believe in yourself?: Yes!
142. Do you acting weird sometimes?: Let's ask my friends ^^;
143. Do you find yourself attractive?: hmmm…..
144. Are you good in talking with your partner?: I don't have such person to talk :XD:
145. Do you like storm?: I prefer rain :D
146. Do you know how to play on any instrument?: Not yet, but I have guitar =)
147. Do you sleep with your teddy?: Nooo, he is sleeping on my shelf ;p


148. Pepsi or Cola?: Pepsi
149. Mcdonalds or KFC?: Mcdonalds of course!
150. Adidas or Nike?: None
151. Lipton or Nestea?: Lipton
152. Chocolate or vanilla?: Chocolate!!!*_*
153. Cappuccino or coffee?: Cappuccino
154. Chicken or fish?:  Carrot!?!
155. Sweet or chewing gum?: gum


156. Did you drink alcohol?: Yes…*hiding herself*
157. Did you smoke?: No
158. Did you have sex?: Uch….
159. Did you have a date?: Yes, maybe :D
160. Were you at the warehouse?: Yes, many times, trying to find something
161. Did you eat all chocolate at one time?: No, maybe I should? :lick:
162. Did you eat sushi? Nooo… *hungry*
163. Were you on the stage?: Not really…
164. Did you do some cookies?: ME?!? Are you joking?
165. Were you trying to loose your weight?: yeah!
166. Did you color your hair?: No, but I should
167. Did you stole something?: I don't remember those kind of situations :sing:


168. Eye color?: Green*_*
169. Hair color?: Black
170. Long or short hair?: I don't know, it depends
171. Height?: Bigger than me =P
172. Weight?: Try to guess, I like teddies :D
173. Place of first date?: I'm not very demanding
174. Place of first kiss?: What?O_o
175. Tatoos/earrings?: I don't mind


176. Dwarfs?: What is this?!?
177. Aliens?: No, I like to think that Alien vs. Predator is fiction :XD:
178. Angels?: YES!!! I'm one of them!!! :floating:
179. Heaven?: Yes
180. Hell?: Yes
181. God?: Again Yes
182. Yourself?: Yeah, mostly =)
183. Ghosts?: Yes, I thing I saw one… :o
184. Love?: No, It's a chemical reaction in human body… But sometimes…. *thinking*
185. Love at first sight?: Definitely not!
186. Cupid?: Nooo…
187. Magic?: I'm Harry Potter fun so ask again :aww:


188. Studies?: I want to end them
189. Who you want to be in the future?: Biotechnologist; archeologist; photograph; wife, mum…. =)
190. With who you want to spend the rest of your life?: With someone who loves me…
191. Where you want to get married?: In Poland :P
192. Do you want to have huge or small wedding?: Small, I hate being in the area of interests…
193. Where do you want to go on your honeymoon?: In Italy :love:
194. Do you want to have children?: Yep
195. How many?: Two – boy and girl :D
196. How are you going to name them?: Dominik and Nadia
197. Where you want to spend your life?: I don't care, but with people I love!
198. How you want to die?: Die?!? I'm too young to die!!!!

And that is all for now!!! I hope now one read this, but If you did, don't forget I worn you!!! I'm so tired now, and I want to sleep!!!