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Following the unexpected downfall of Alcon, the old world's central city, the continent of Kladeon lost connection. They lost connection with other towns and cities and lost connection to what has since been dubbed "old world knowledge." The fall of Alcion has been long since shrouded in mystery, with even the eldest creatures unsure of what transpired, leaving the world in the dark. But, a ray of hope! The newly founded settlement of Whistler Crest has taken on the mantle of becoming Kladeon's new central city. Through the efforts of their growing Council, this fledgling township aspires to reclaim lost knowledge and reconnect the continent of Kladeon once again!

Will you help rebuild what has been lost?

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Whistler Crest is currently undergoing MAJOR renovations behind the scenes as we prepare to move off of DeviantArt! The Group is still open and new members are always welcomed!

Where to find us:

Leaf (left) Discord

Leaf (left) WIX Website (old website)

Leaf (left) LoreKeeper (in heavy construction)

Due to deviantArt no longer providing sufficient support for groups, most of the activity was moved to Discord. Please use the provided link to join our server!

And to keep up to date on LK updates, and for questions from the Modteam on how to improve the group as we prepare to transfer!

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Hi sorry to bug I was just curious . Can I play with whistlercrest beans without joining,and getting them approved to  the group ,or do I have to be apart of the  group to make art of these beans and grow them up. The reason I ask is cause I was here twice before ,but don’t feel strong enough ,or comfortable enough to join discord again. I mainly just want to doodle beans ,and make stories for them as I go,and was curious  if it be against the rules . Like I can only draw or make beans canonicaly.  

Apologies for the delayed response! The team was discussing this. We've decided that it would not be against any sort of rules to draw WC related content while not being in the group, so long as credit for the species drawn is still given. You won't be able to earn benefits normally given for being in the group, and you won't be able to upload to the group's gallery, but otherwise you are welcome to enjoy the designs.

And should you desire to (re)join the group at a later date you absolutely can!

It’s ok you’re all good. Alrighty thank you so kindly. I will be sure to credit the group when I draw some of them,and make sure to label them as none canon art. :3 is there anything I can’t draw like this? Like Diamond children/blessing kids? Or can I draw anything as long as I label it none canon?

I'd say it's alright so long as it's clear it's all non-canon. ^^

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This group seems kinda nice, I definitely will be considering joining in at a later date. 

We'll be happy to have you should you choose to join! ^^

Is discord required?