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This needs to Exist
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© 2010 - 2019 whispwill
this stamp was needed.... so i made one!
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Comments (230)
CandyDream16's avatar
CandyDream16| General Artist
It's the thing we need, but we will never get...
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LadyYomi's avatar
LadyYomi|Professional Digital Artist
I spent 12 FREAKING HOURS making the lineart of my last work! :faint:

Sora y Aiomi: Feliz cumple Shimoduck! by LadyYomi  
It went well and I love the outcome, but I can't wait to learn how to paint
with a lineless style! Coloring is my favorite stage, lol! :giggle:
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Planet1337's avatar
it'd get me a show-accurate lineart right away >w<
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Epicdrag0n45's avatar
Epicdrag0n45|Student Filmographer
I need this so bad, Drawing sketches traditionally then uploading them online makes me wanna cry
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Otaku-Seraph's avatar
Otaku-SeraphEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
Me too.

Even linearting on MS Paint is time-consuming. :(
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BrainyxBat's avatar
BrainyxBat|Hobbyist General Artist
I need one! My hands are really not steady.
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Somoist555's avatar
Somoist555|Hobbyist General Artist
*Quickly grabs*
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SuperMarioFan65's avatar
SuperMarioFan65|Student Digital Artist
Cool. It must exist.
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ItsMeRedstarz's avatar
ItsMeRedstarz|Student General Artist
Yes me 100%
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catt-uccino's avatar
Yes, I understand so much! I'm such a bad drawer, I don't wish there was one, I NEED one!
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Violet-Madness's avatar
Violet-Madness|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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cosmo090909's avatar
cosmo090909|Student Traditional Artist
Trying to take my pencil drawings into Photoshop and color them . . . This stamp is me, I swear to God!
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nanarini's avatar
nanarini|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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divakitty704's avatar
divakitty704|Hobbyist Artist
Too true~
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joan-does-art's avatar
joan-does-art|Hobbyist General Artist
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HanaKouhai's avatar
HanaKouhai|Student Digital Artist
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Shijiyu's avatar
Shijiyu|Student Digital Artist
My life in a stamp XD
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rubyrebecca123's avatar
rubyrebecca123|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i know that feel bro. the worst part is when you have to draw circles but the circle tool itself doesn't look good so you gotta keep retrying for hours until you finally get it.
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memesareformemes's avatar
memesareformemes|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Using XD
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Nachtgrun's avatar
Nachtgrun|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is why I quit trying
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davespriite's avatar
davespriite|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i wish there was an instant COLOURING button...
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Thealmice's avatar
Thealmice|Student Digital Artist
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Jaystarofbloodclan's avatar
Jaystarofbloodclan|Hobbyist General Artist
naw that is the fun part but i wish there was an instant shadowing button!!!!
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OpaIescent's avatar
OpaIescent|Hobbyist General Artist
Nah that's the fun part
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