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From Pandora Hearts. If you haven't read this manga, do it.... do NOT watch the anime! lol
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*----* I love pandora hearts!
The anime is pretty loyal to the manga, until the last two or three episoodes.... I loved it when I first saw, but when you look back to it after the manga it feels like it was draw by kids...
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Aw what? I liked the anime a lot. It's what made me read the manga.
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beautiful and stunning!!!
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Always thought it was a great manga and felt like it got overlooked, like people were too busy fangasming over other manga to notice this delicious story.
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Fantastic drawing!
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YES! it's one of my favorite manga! and i totally agree..don't watch the anime, the manga is better
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Nice one!! Great work! Thumbs Up 
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One of my favorite art-internet-people likes one of my favorite manga series. Am I dreaming?
(Great art as always, whispwill!)
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ooooh man i ve read it till the end and F.... !! i cried so much and thought of giving this manga up but was  too good 
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Ahhhh this is great! :heart:
Pandora Hearts is my favorite manga, I love seeing it get some love from awesome artists!
Also, it's such a nice detail to give the bunny green eyes.
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O myyyyy.... ALICE <3 I looove this art! And this character <3
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YESSS!!! One of the best manga I have ever read. This really gave me the feels. 
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ALICE--- Pandora Hearts. Black Rabbit-- MMMMmmmMMMMMM. 


This is. Just. Beautiful, lovely, so good. Too good. Was not expecting this at ALL. Gasp Will 
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This is so gorgeous!
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I love this series~ ♥!
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yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss aaaaaaaaaaaaaa <333
I mean, please, if you can, listen to all the music from the anime at least
aaah the feels and all of its really good
but please do read the manga <333
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Watch the first part of the show then went it ended right in the middle I went and read the manga. Alice was my second favorite character in the story.  
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