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CHB Cabin Four - Demeter

I was veeery liberal with how I took this cabin too XD Percy mentions the cain having a real grass roof, being light brown, and having tomatoes, roses, and wildflowers on the front porch. So everything else is me having fun. I really liked the Poseidon cabin sort of emerging from the stone, and figured I'd try the same thing here. The dugout house in the Laura Ingalls Wilder books was always one of my favorites, so that's a pretty big inspiration for what I wanted to do here :aww: That and Hobbit houses XD I did consider giving them a kitchen, as the Demeter kids tend to be good cooks, but they'd likely go to the Big House to do that if they wanted to.

Hope you guys like it!
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Please more cabins of another demigods
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What they said vvv  I hope you'll make more! These are so detailed and cool!
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This is where I live but I heard Nico diesn't like my room...
Hey. This is brilliant and I'm looking forward the other cabins.
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wow, are you doing the other cabins too? :D
VoodooKittyCat's avatar
So cool!!!!are you ever going to do the rest, I hope I'm not pestering you.
This is great! But when are you going to do the rest? I'm excited to see them all.
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This is amazing!!!
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This works. I always imagined it to be more of a garden home, but this is cooler.
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i have been waiting, like, 5ever for the inside of the cabins (i haven't seen any here) it so brings whats inside my head to life (well obviously not exactly but still, the only way i'd get that is if i drew them myself and i can't draw to save my life soo....)
thanks so much
can't wait for the ares cabin. when will it be up????
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I'm happy to help a little if I can! I know my versions aren't gonna match everyone's...but it's still fun XD

I don't have a date for you...I have the lines done, it's just a matter of coloring it when I can find the time and inspiration to do so! Which is difficult with my new work schedule, but I promise i'll get it it done as soon as I can!
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Are you planning to do all the post-Last Olympian cabins, or just the original 12? (I'd be really curious about the designs of Hades, Hecate and Iris's cabins ^^)
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I'm planning on all of them! Mostly because I have Iris's cabin in my head already and I figured people might like to see what I can come up with XD it's just very slow going >.> but yeah, i'll do them all eventually!
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I can smell the rainbows already
xx-DoubleVision-xx's avatar
Awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing more :)
vc vai fazer as outras??? u adorei todas, quero ver a de Atena!!!
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I'm using a free translator, so hopefully this makes a little sense! I am going to make all of the cabins eventually! I can't make anything right now, my tablet is broken, but the Ares cabin is lined and waiting for color, so Athena is next after that! Thank you for asking :)

Eu estou usando um tradutor gratuito, por isso espero que isto faz um pouco sentido! Estou indo para fazer todas as cabinas finalmente! Não consigo fazer nada direito agora, o meu tablet é quebrado, mas os Ares cabana está alinhada e à espera de cores, para que Athena está próximo depois que! Obrigado por perguntar :)
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I love the bunks in the walls
So Demeter is the Mother of Hobbits?
Whisperwings's avatar Dugout houses have been used by far more than just hobbits, lol.
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I'm so excited for the others. :D I hope you do Camp J too. :)
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Once I stop putting off coloring the Ares cabin, it'll be up soon at least, rofl. I'm not sure about camp J yet, let's see if I can finish CHB XD
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