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Chasing Phantoms - Prologue
April 29th, 2015
Journal Entry: Number...Hell, I dunno anymore...
Aaaaaah...yeah, yeah. "Dear Diary-slash-Journal" and all that good shit. Well, today's April 29th, now- a really slow and rainy-ass Wednesday afternoon. For the past few days, I've just cooped myself up in the dorm while studying my ass off for a fuckton of tests in the next week or so. I'll be honest; it's been complete HELL up until now, but I'm almost done.

Hallelujah, right? Thank God.
But, yeah... This entry's just gonna be short and sweet. I'm gonna go take a nap or something in a bit, probably... Well...right now, actually. I swear, I'm just gonna knock out in the hallway if I don't get at least a little bit of sleep sometime soon.
Until the next time I write, I guess.
A loud, exasperated sigh would echo throughout the room as a particular, ashen-haired boy lounged back in his seat, groaning softly as he allowed his figure to undergo a
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Awakening - Chapter One
The day was rather pleasant. Sunshine spanned across the well majority of the grasslands, with its temperatures evenly balanced by the forces of a gentle zephyr that blew across the terrain. Distant, horizon-bound creatures skittered along beneath the safety of the greens that were their home, with some of them making their way to the forest’s edge some ways off. On minor occasion, those of matching species would find themselves crossing paths with one another, and would give one another a curious, quickened scan before swiftly bounding around and shuffling off as if nothing had occurred between them.
Alas, it was a finely-brewing afternoon in the kingdom of Ylisse.
…Save for one particular abnormality.
Further up on the prairie would be a particular figure- a male one at that. The man looked to be young; perhaps in his later teenage years. His hair was of a light and metallic silvery color, which shrouded over either eye of his with his sprawled-out position across the gro
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Awakening - Prologue
Imagine this.
You had embarked upon a journey many moons ago; one of wars, bonds, and tragic realizations- among other things. Despite the fact that the going has been pretty damn rough, you continued to push forwards; both for yourself, as well as those that depended upon your own, living being.
Those whom you had forged the tightest of bonds with…
…The people that took you in and allowed you to fight by their sides…
…The ones that you had shared many moments with- no matter if they were good or bad.
…Your true family.
Your will to fight for them has brought you this far.
You stand still for a split second in your current location before looking left, barely noticing and sidestepping a blast of a darkened, shadowy current that would have found its way through your skull. After doing so, you noticed another figure dashing toward the source; his sword flashing briefly in the minimal light. As he is sent tumbling back with a strike from the sorcerer that had
:iconwhisperthechosen:WhisperTheChosen 1 0
Writing/Literary Commissions
Hello, aaaand I hope that whoever happens to find this is having a pretty fantastic day so far! As the title says , this little thing will include my writing commission prices, guidelines, and other things you'll need to know if you happen to be interested in commissioning me! (And also, I'd like to also thank you for being interested to begin with. It means a lot to me~.)
For now, enough with me talking a lot, though. Without further ado, let's begin.
  :bulletblue:Of course, I have the right to reject a commission for whatever reason.
   :bulletblue:Regardless of whether I'm writing multi-chapter stories or oneshots, the average size of the things that I post tends to be roughly, to eight pages on average (on Microsoft Word). Just know that, because it'll affect the total cost of whatever you commission me to do!
   :bulletblue:I primarily wr
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Hajimemashite! (new profile picture wow) by WhisperTheChosen Hajimemashite! (new profile picture wow) :iconwhisperthechosen:WhisperTheChosen 1 0 Raoul Leviathan Azuryn by WhisperTheChosen Raoul Leviathan Azuryn :iconwhisperthechosen:WhisperTheChosen 1 0 Group Picture [WIP] by WhisperTheChosen Group Picture [WIP] :iconwhisperthechosen:WhisperTheChosen 2 3 [WIP] Terric/Tyrrence Achard by WhisperTheChosen [WIP] Terric/Tyrrence Achard :iconwhisperthechosen:WhisperTheChosen 2 0 this is why i dont chibi by WhisperTheChosen this is why i dont chibi :iconwhisperthechosen:WhisperTheChosen 1 6 Caelius Stratek by WhisperTheChosen Caelius Stratek :iconwhisperthechosen:WhisperTheChosen 3 8 Akihiko Ref (WIP) by WhisperTheChosen Akihiko Ref (WIP) :iconwhisperthechosen:WhisperTheChosen 1 1


Lots O' Eyes by DeviantTear Lots O' Eyes :icondevianttear:DeviantTear 311 10 Pose work by Rhea202 Pose work :iconrhea202:Rhea202 1,002 29 Dragons head by Amisgaudi Dragons head :iconamisgaudi:Amisgaudi 565 97 Dragon Head,  horns by Amisgaudi Dragon Head, horns :iconamisgaudi:Amisgaudi 484 59 Dragon Heads 2012 by nJoo Dragon Heads 2012 :iconnjoo:nJoo 5,031 184 Dragon Heads by nJoo Dragon Heads :iconnjoo:nJoo 11,132 497
Read'll make you feel happy :')
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Lou Sohma by Fudged-Brownie Lou Sohma :iconfudged-brownie:Fudged-Brownie 5 3
Preview - Pg. 2 - Ignorant Skies
   I don't know where to start with this, honestly. You see, I wasn't just BORN up here. I was kidapped to this torturing society, just swindled up into the clouds and left here. With these... People. These people. These IDIOTS. How they just annoy the living shit from me. How they bug my non-existant soul right out of my damned body. It's driving me more insane then I am.
   But I'm not crazy. They are. They are for not remembering what happened. For not remembering where they used to be. How it used to be. On the real 'Earth'. Not this artificial.. Globe. This damn glass hell. This artificial dirt that stains our skin and these fucking clothes that turned up out of the blue and just so happened to fit all of us perfectly. They're keeping us only for their own sick survival experiments. They wont stop until their hamsters find out just what they need then they'll slaughter us off. And none of us know what they need us to know..
   And lets keep it that wa
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Pose References by Ilumni Pose References :iconilumni:Ilumni 36 2 Sitting - base by aika-itachi Sitting - base :iconaika-itachi:aika-itachi 1,111 170 Yang/Ember Celica Hoodie by Sleemonc Yang/Ember Celica Hoodie :iconsleemonc:Sleemonc 290 49 Ruby/Cresent Rose Hoodie by Sleemonc Ruby/Cresent Rose Hoodie :iconsleemonc:Sleemonc 457 119 Weiss/Myrtenaster Hoodie by Sleemonc Weiss/Myrtenaster Hoodie :iconsleemonc:Sleemonc 310 46 Blake/Gambol Shroud Hoodie by Sleemonc Blake/Gambol Shroud Hoodie :iconsleemonc:Sleemonc 337 73


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i really just added this here to fill the page up pf

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dysfunctional weeaboo omg help me

Yo, there! 'Round here, you can just go on and call me Whisper. (my name and gender will be off limits 'til/unless i know you on a more personal level woops)

As of this moment, I am fifteen years of age and am about to start my Sophomore year in highschool, come August 26th, 2015. I'll be completely honest; I'm one Hell of a sucker for music, writing, anime, everything asian ahaha what, and a crapton of other things that I won't bother listing because you'd proooobably end up sitting here for a while if I did.


Yep, buuuuut anyways... I'm just your average, socially awkward teenage student trying to get by in life and whatnot. I'm aware of the fact that I've taken on a few commissions here and there, and I'm really, really sorry for being extremely behind on schedule with what I have on my plate right now! The commissions that should've been finished a month or so ago have been pretty much unfinished because of several reasons, and I apologize deeply for that! Things have been happening offline that have delayed my work pace and have basically thinned down my drive to work on anything, but, as I'm beginning to work on some of my personal stories again, I'll also be getting started (or restarted, rather) on the commissions that I accepted. Again, I apologize deeply for the long delay, and I'll hopefully get the commissions that I took on posted up to dA sometime soon!

I'll still be taking commissions, of course, but I'm changing things up a little bit and am adding one important detail: I don't know how long it'll take for me to finish a commission. I can't give an accurate timespan in which something will be finished. I'll try doing things as fast as I can, of course, but with the amount of things that have been happening off-screen (which, admittedly, hasn't been supported by my procrastination habits), I can't say for sure when I'll have a commission done for sure. If you're willing to be extremely patient with me regardless of the fact that it could very well take me a few months to finish a single commission, then I'll still be happy to accept whatever requests you have for me. ...And still apologize deeply for the possible, elongated amount of time that it takes for me to complete said requests.

Commission Info:

(aaaaand ill work on my profile again later
a lot later
probably gonna forget about it but ill stop for now because im too lazy im sorry omg)
okay so yeah long story short ive been away for the past half year because my computer was barely functional as it was and deviantart wasnt compatible with it so nyeh

just popping in now because i managed to grab myself a new laptop so im basically back to some extent now

buuuut im moving accounts now

if for some reason you wanna keep in contact with me or keep up with my uploads and shit (however rare they may or may not be nowadays), just send me a note on this account and I'll probably message you back. not really expecting anything like that but just in case I'll be keeping an eye on this account for maybe a week or two before permanently moving to my new account.

Buuuuut, that aside, I hope you guys have a great new year! It may or may not already be January 1st where you little shits are; it may still be roughly two and a half hours before midnight like me. Either way, I hope you guys have a great year to come!

.....and all that good bullshit



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