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So I was thinking: "What would a Barbar really look like if it were trying to eat you? It must be scary. Just this giant mouth coming at you." And then I thought "why not make it realistic, because that's what I do." And then this happened. (= Biggest struggle involved the rocks. It was irritating, but eventually after a bit of work I got it to an acceptable level. Enjoy!

What's a Barbar again? Oh, yeah!

This year has been a good art year so far. I'm proud of myself. ^^

Barbar/Kirby © HAL Labs/Nintendo
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Holy crap, how have I not seen this before now? This is amazing! I love it when people bring little things like that to a different view(escpecially scary muahaha). Excellent work!
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XP I'm glad you like it!
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Holy he-.... that's mightly impressive. Great water/bubbles effects too, really gives it awesome depth ('scuse the pun)

Overall, fantastic Judge 

[+fav ]
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Wow this is incredibly amazing ^^
Amazing job my dear c:
Happy (late) valentines day dear
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Thank you very much!
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You're welcome dear.
I first thought you will be making the contest, but then remembered you are the one hosting it
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Oh god NOT THE EELS! :iconscaredplz:
I feel threatened. That means you did a good job. ^^"
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You're welcome. ^^
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You really knock it with the realism
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You are welcome :D
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Beautiful work! The derpy eyes get me every time, haha-- I just can't take these things seriously, realistic or not.
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Thanks a bunch! I tried to keep the derpiness of this thing intact. XP I can't take it seriously either haha.
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Ahhh I love it!
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Poor Kirby, swim, swim for your life!! crud that thing would be terrifying if it was real (but even if it isn't real it still is scary)
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Indeed it would be!
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Ru- I mean SWIM AWAY!!
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Just as I thought, it looks awesome. xD I can just hear the sound it makes just as it reaches out to eat you up!
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Haha, thanks a bunch!
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