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Become a VIP Member - donations of 100 points or more
Feature yourself for comments or faves - donations of 10 points or more
With any type of donation member gets faves or comments for his work, number depends on the number of donated points.
- VIP member has unlimited advertise in the group
- Feature below 100 points expires after member received faves-comments for his donated points.

Read more here *Info-Differences between VIP and Regular Members* fav.me/d5f92nz
- Donations on my profile allison731

For Feature - Points Balance:
- 1 donated points, 2 faves received
-1 donated points, 2 comments received
Example for 20 points you can get: 40 faves or 20 comments or if you want both features for your donation your feature can look on this way (20 faves + 20 comments).

Bonuses :woohoo:
Donations between 100-499 points - featured member gets 50 faves or comments for gift
Donations between 500-999 points - featured member gets 100 faves or comments for gift
Donations of 1000 points or more - featured member gets  200 faves or comments for gift

:bulletgreen: EARN POINTS - Comment or give fav
With this project you can earn points too. :)

- 5 actions = 1 :points:, 10 actions = 2 :points:
:bulletgreen: EARN MORE ;)
Look our Daily offer for more points here  fav.me/d5h0nfu

Earn points here WMW Featured Members - Earn Points:iconthankscommentsignplz:
COMMENT - max. 20 comments per user in 1 Day
:iconAnutDraws: :iconAnnaLena250199: :iconMalintra-Shadowmoon: :iconR-Legend: :iconmagicwingsforever: :iconYonaIllustrator:
COMMENT - max. 10 comments per user in 1 Day
:iconArtFurry: :iconmdomaradzki: :iconPaskiz:
GIVE FAV - max 30 faves per user in 1 day
GIVE FAV - max 10 faves per user in 1 day
:house: :points:  Today's offer for more points  :w00t: - We accept only ONE participant in ONE day for this task
Do what is listed below and earn 15 :points:, it is 3 points more for your effort. ;)
10 :iconthankscommentsignplz: comments for Alkraas
50  :+fav:s faves  for Malintra-Shadowmoon
:groups: For more info about advertising or earning points go here  http://fav.me/d5aq3hf
:groups: Complete list with scales of our Featured Members

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: VERY IMPORTANT :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

- Look statistics from our featured members and do only what is not reached. If someone's scale is full  it is reached and working on that will not be paid. Scale 10/90 is not reached and you can continue give to that member more comments. If someone's scale is 90/90 it is reached, and you do not need work on that. :thumbsup:
Earnings-In this group points are counted on this way. Example 1.00 - 1.9 is 1 :points: , 2.00 - 2.9 is 2 :points: etc.

:bulletgreen: RULE for Comments:
:groups: Your comment MUST HAVE at least one meaningful sentence.
:groups: Do not write only *cool* or *nice*. Comments with only one word will not be counted.
:groups: Your faves and comments must be new - old maximum 24h.

:bulletgreen: What is visible in your recent activity?
Remember this, it is important for you. :nod:
Visible is your NEWEST  20 comments.
If you commented more than 20....for your other comments include links that we can easier check your work.
Your faves are completely visible - unlimited number of them.

Group is no longer working on this kind of advertising, project is CLOSED.
Advertising can get only VIP Members, more info is here VIP Membership:groups: Differences between VIP and Regular Members
:groups: VIP MEMBERS
Every member who donates 100 or more points for their feature or for group becomes a WhisperMeWish VIP member.
Donation pool is on founder's profile  - allison731
VIP Members have unlocked all the advantages in the group:
- They are allowed to vote when WMW team deciding about featured art
- They allowed to submit 10 works per week in vip folder
- They are allowed to submit their works in New Art and Themed folder too
- Their art is always in TOP folders, firstly visible from all others
- Special place for VIP art in Featured folder
- Their art is always highlighted (in folders and journals)
- Various badges for their highest quality works
- Special monthly promoting journal for 10 random selected vip members
VIP Membership duration is for unlimited time after donation of 100 points.
One more way to become VIP Member
Be our Gold Star winner or artist who has at lea
© 2012 - 2021 WhisperMeWish
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Would it be possible that if, for example, I donate 20 points that I could receive all comments equaling 40 comments instead of 20 comments and 20 faves. I have done a feature thing before with another group and I received faves but then the next day the deviant deleted all of my work out of their favorites after receiving points for their work. Comments can't be deleted once added like faves.
And would any of my artworks be added to the VIP folder with this donation? Just wondering.
allison731's avatar
Yes it is possible. When you donate points you only must inform me which feature you want. If you select only comments in that case all your points go for comments what means for 20 points you will get 40 comments from us. :thumbsup:
About VIP folder - we always propose works from our featured members. 10 points - 1 work, 20 points - 2 works etc. If someone donate 100 points then that person becomes our Major Vip member and she/he can contribute her works in vip folder for unlimited time regardless if her/his feature expired. Also all submissions for vip folder are automatically approved. :)
TemariAtaje's avatar
Ok I will do that then! Thanks for clearing that up for me
allison731's avatar
No problem, it is my obligation give needed information for members. :thumbsup:
yukifubuki's avatar
i've leave comment in [link] folder (:
allison731's avatar
Thank you. You commented 24 creations. 3 :points: for you. :thumbsup:
lohkk's avatar
Commented on twelve in the folder
allison731's avatar
Please tell me name of that folder.
lohkk's avatar
Comment and Earn Points folder
allison731's avatar
You commented 12 creations there. It is 1.20 points.
1 :points: for you.
lohkk's avatar
Thank you. My donation pool is in the journal tab for future reference. I can't put it on my main page because it would ruin my customization =/
allison731's avatar
Ok, thank you what let me know that. :thumbsup:
lohkk's avatar
So let me make sure I have all this straight- If I donate ten points, I will receive thirty comments and a piece of my art will go in the folder that everyone comments, right?
allison731's avatar
Yes, you are right. ;)
SpikyShadow123's avatar
money(points) is the root of all evil...that is untill you need them lol
allison731's avatar
Maybe :) ... but sometimes it can be and fun too. ;)
SpikyShadow123's avatar
true enough my friend ^^
WalnutSprout's avatar
I faved and commented on all of these [link]
I already left comment's on some of this deviations , so I just wrote reply so I don't spam the comments.
allison731's avatar
Sorry but you did not completed whole task. You did not give fresh comment and fav for this work [link] and you did not commented this [link] .
Because of that your first 12 comments and faves will be counted with bonus, other will be counted without bonus. For first 12 comments and faves you earned 4 points. You have more: 10 comments - 1.00 points and 11 fav - 1.10 points. Total is 6.10 points. 6 :points: for you. :thumbsup:
xElenix's avatar
Commented on all of these: [link]

Faved and commented all of these: [link]

allison731's avatar
Thank you. You earned 4 points in our Comment and Earn points folder and 8 points in our Featured folder.
12 :points: for you.
xElenix's avatar
36 comments... it think! <3
allison731's avatar
Please next time write which creations you commented....links, thumbs or creator name.
You have:
- 38 comments - 3.80 points
4 :points: for you.
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