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:groups: Jun 2013. - WMW Badge Winners :winner:
ENTER here  fav.me/d5d6g4o

:icontrophyplz: TROPHY Badge Winners:
Reward for all works which have these characteristics:
:star: Top High Quality :iconwinner-plz:
:star: Impressive, Unique, Recognizable
:star: Work with 3 *M* ;) Marvelous, Masterful, Magnificent :wizardhat: :star: Bravo! :clap:
Announcement of the winners is between the 25th and 30th day of the month.

Pont du Gard - HDR by Louis-photos Rovinj 2 by Klek Meet Serbia - Kalemegdan by Piroshki-Photography:thumb376932478: Douce France by slecocqphotography El Cantante by Miguel-Santos:thumb336847993::thumb346508825: ...road to nowhere... by roblfc1892:thumb316906977: The Skies Of Autumn by kkart Doomsday Sunrise by kkart -Tree of imagination- by Janek-Sedlar Eureka Dunes Sunset by narmansk8:thumb293155533::thumb347883569::thumb346509733: Lake Elizabeth 2 by daniellepowell82 Rumours by Estruda John Gatley 1897 RIP by Estruda

Digital Art
Tides of war by ChrisCold Vladimir, League of Legends by michalivan Adopted by CindysArt Moon Carriage Colour by wdnest Poseidon by GENZOMAN BACKACHE by Beholdentolove Veon Feklar by RomanticFae Rough Seas by thomaswievegg Escape from Hell by annewipf Never Forget by TheRavenMichaelis Resurrection by Art-Kombinat

Fan Art
Princess Mononoke by JoJoesArt

Artisan Crafts
Athena Glaucopis bracelet by Nameda

Designs & Interfaces
TS3 - Geometrica by allison731

:iconbadassplz: COOL Badge Winners:
Reward for all works which have these characteristics:
:star: High Quality
:star: Impressive, Unique, Recognizable
:star: COOL in every aspect. :firelite-photo:  8-) :smoking: Well done, you got our bow. ;) :ahoy:
Announcement of the winners is between the 19th and 24th day of the month.

:thumb347621753::thumb352206045: Vigilant by suezn Thailand - MBK by slecocqphotography Vienna Dreams by IvanAndreevich A Snowys' Horseman by MarkLucey The Voyage by Estruda steam by fly10 Do You Like Me :) by allison731:thumb337859722::thumb315854431: Street Fighter by allison731 Lion by nigel3

Digital Art
Werewolf final Composition by lberry1976 Wolf Metamorphosis by lberry1976 Carl Portrait- Up by Andersiano Super Monaco by wizzoo7 breakdance by stef2979 Fire Bringer by akeli Go Chocobo, go! by randis Panther by fightpunch Phoenix Flyer_OC by ArtFurry Dreaming by Juli-SnowWhite Whats your poison? by VoydKessler Chibisized Shuin by sXeven Volksrod Dead End by svenndesign

Traditional Art
tribute to beiibis by DanielGrzeszkiewicz Lil Wayne - Dwayne Michael Carter by SarahFinnegan


Designs & Interfaces
Johnny REBEL by MarcusJones

Cartoons & Comics
Oz Colors by nahp75

Fan Art
Because you took me by surprise. by leedles

:iconwuvplz: HEART Badge Winners:
Reward for all works which have these characteristics:
:star: High Quality
:star: Impressive, Unique, Recognizable
:star: Works which send a positive message :floating: :rose: and where we can see or where we can feel: Love, Humanity, Friendship, Compassion, Tenderness, Care, Goodness ... :hug: :huggle: :tighthug: :heart:
Announcement of the winners is between the 13th and 18th day of the month.

Bear by theKRAZIEKenzie Cuddling hugs~ by Panda-kiddie In the shadows by MintLights kovu by BenCrowlePhotography the little lion by Windstern Baby tiger by MintLights A quiet morning by Livinja Eyes on fire by Svenimal Loveu by suezn:thumb359777304: 93 million miles from the Sun, part ii by iNeedChemicalX Nuzzling by lenslady 2 Faced Yentl by JR-Dept Wheeee-l by Khalliysgraphy:thumb324402742::thumb324222814: Ein and Daddy by Mommy-of-Ein:thumb357828515::thumb362692100: Curious young Virginia deer by GuillaumGibault A story of friendship by Esveeka Darcy_Look by Margo-K Wolf in snow by nigel3 Goose by AppleBlossomGirl

Fan Art
Dead Street by CLoSeDesign

Digital Art
Tiny love by FlashW:thumb367939305: Connection by yuumei I Ching 17 - Sui (Following) by annewipf

FriendshipFriendship means to give,
But also to take -
Solidarity in joy and sorrow.
Friendship gives hope
And grants happiness as well -
It is assistance in times of loneliness.
Friendship must grow,
You have to cultivate it -
By frankness and honesty.
Friendship means to love
And to be loved -
It depends on mutuality.
Friendship demands
Understanding for the other -
Despite his weak points and fallability.
Friendship does not live on advantage
But on feelings -
On the same thoughts at the same time.
Friendship must hear,
Friendship must see -
The other's happiness, expectation and grief.
To open yourself for the other, to talk to him,
To be ready to simply listen to him.
To hope for the other, to live with him.
To swear him eternal loyalty,
Not to grudge the other something,
Even if you are losing it for yourself.
To love him as he is,
Just because he moves your heart.
Friendship develops in times of gladness,
It stands the test in times of solitude.
And if it is a true and deep friendship,


:iconcutebegplz: CUTE Badge Winners:
Reward for all works which have these characteristics:
:star: High Quality
:star: Impressive, Unique, Recognizable
:star: CUTE :teddy::cuddle: and Lovely for everyone's eyes :aww: :phae:
Announcement of the winners is between the 7th and 12th day of the month.

Digital Art
Snow Friends by Cinnamoncandy berry mood by Aniritak Under The Sea by Artgerm Soul Reaper by AwesomePossum26 Kingdom Sight by ZilerWolf Sea life by FlashW Cave of Wonders by Nachiii Distant Cousins by JaneEden Smiley by Freelancer604 Fairy of Dawn by ZilerWolf Relax ~ by Freelancer604

:thumb361494991::thumb354039316: The world stands on its head by hoschie:thumb362375611: Lazy Cat by Lasiu7:thumb365119787: Soulful by suezn SqueakyStuff by suezn:thumb339045727: Gooddays by suezn Lijah by suezn

Hello there... by Qinni La Lady by MachiavelliCro

Designs & Interfaces
Town concept: days of dawn by TylerEdlinArt

Community Projects
RAWR [votepls] by magicwingsforever

Manga & Anime

Resources & Stock Images
Falcon Stock4 by Sakura060277

:iconiheartitplz: WOW Badge Winners:
Reward for all works which have these characteristics:
:star: High Quality
:star: Impressive, Unique, Recognizable
:star: Surely deserve one big *Wow*  :omfg: from everyone  :#1: :community:
Announcement of the winners is between the 1st and 6th day of the month.

Digital Art
Guardians by MachiavelliCro Caravan of Dreams by Axel-Doi Sounds Of Madness by wdnest Eden - night by merl1ncz The deep is mine by JoJoesArt Free like the wind by Panda-kiddie Dark Silence by Art-Kombinat Overhead by Art-Kombinat:thumb347217995::thumb348185675: Future Bay Final by Hazzard65 Aeterno by balaa Cold Ruin by Art-Kombinat Music of Woe + .PSD by PSHoudini SadSonata by SadSonata The Eye Of This Planet by LadyAnora Red Dream by tinca2 Once upon a time by annewipf Beloved kitten by sasha-fantom

Traditional Art
Don't look back by XRlS

:thumb361253927::thumb347166914: pakounou rocks by shitpitcher Like a fire over the horizon by isotophoto:thumb350535893: Fire in the sky by ivancoric Costa Rica | Green Vine Snake by slecocqphotography Smudge by h-r-hill To the Left by Draken413o

Designs & Interfaces
Solstice - Market by vinegar Dodge Viper by blackdoggdesign Skyline R34 by blackdoggdesign

Barathrum by TobiasRoetsch

Congratulations to all the winners with badges. For all of you our group gallery is much more beautiful. :thumbsup:
:iconallison731: We appreciate very much if anyone of our members wants to help to this group that we can stay SUPER group and next year and have all these upgrades like now. If you satisfied with this group and you think that's a good every donation from 1 point or more can help to us very much. Thank you in advance. :sun:
Our group supporters: :iconlitaliano-vero: :iconmdomaradzki: :iconiskarlata: :iconestruda:

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Thanks a lot for the feature :)
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Great photography. :thumbsup:
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Thank you for the feature :)
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Amazing photography. :thumbsup:
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thank you very much
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Oh thank you so very much for the TROPHY Badge!!!! I am honoured!!! :heart: :glomp:
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great choices :D Thanks for giving a trophy for my bracelet :hug: :dance:
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Great work my friend. :star: :sun:
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thanks dear :D
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Thanks for June 2013 Trophy - lovely choices here. Thanks
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You done great work. :iconthumbsupplz:
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:hug: Thanks so very very much!
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:highfive: Great photography.
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Thank you so much. That means a great deal to me. :hug:
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Ohhh thanks a lot! :heart:
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Great photography. :clap:
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Hey Allison,

Thanks alot for the feature in this Journal! :aww:

I see some awesome works here, I'm honoured that my work is between it! :tighthug:

Kind regards, Jerrold
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You photography is wonderful. :star: :dalove:
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