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Viera pole dancer by Huy137 Viera pole dancer :iconhuy137:Huy137 422 23 Wonder Woman 1984 (Merry Christmas) by Huy137 Wonder Woman 1984 (Merry Christmas) :iconhuy137:Huy137 480 21 Retro neon by Maleiva Retro neon :iconmaleiva:Maleiva 24 0 Dandelion II by allison731 Dandelion II :iconallison731:allison731 104 14 Pinup Princess Christy by Godzilla2137 Pinup Princess Christy :icongodzilla2137:Godzilla2137 41 15 Elena the Queen of Mermaids by Dzikawa Elena the Queen of Mermaids :icondzikawa:Dzikawa 939 65 Glowing Hearts Wallpaper by allison731 Glowing Hearts Wallpaper :iconallison731:allison731 62 9 [Art Trade] Iris Blue by MewSkylar [Art Trade] Iris Blue :iconmewskylar:MewSkylar 21 4 Midna princess (legend of zelda) by Huy137 Midna princess (legend of zelda) :iconhuy137:Huy137 690 13
Jun 2020-Winter Challenge
WhisperMeWish Winner of the Winter Challenge 2nd and 3rd Place More Art in TOP 10 All submissions for this theme: 29Thank you to all members for participating and congratulations to the winners. 1st place winner gets 10 from founder and honored Vip place in the group. Vip members have no submission limit like other group members. Newest current challenge theme - FlowersSubmit your best art in a new challenge and maybe next time you'll be under the spotlight. Thank you for reading,commenting and faving ...
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How to make a feature on Eclipse
Many of you (myself included) wondered if it was possible to make a feature without faving every single deviations or selecting a deviation without having them in full view. 
Well, it IS possible! 
Consequently, this tutorial is about adding deviations to a gallery grid that are NOT in one's faves or collections. Hope this helps!
But before I start, here are some informations that could help you with Eclipse: 

The group communityrelations has a list of tutorials about new DA on their front page!The DA group DAWelcomeWagon is a great group with great tutorials about Eclipse!Here is a tutorial about how to customize your journals on EclipseGuide on how to use Eclipse<b>
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Elsa dancer by Huy137 Elsa dancer :iconhuy137:Huy137 493 36 Dawn and John by Godzilla2137 Dawn and John :icongodzilla2137:Godzilla2137 8 4 Underwater by Dzikawa Underwater :icondzikawa:Dzikawa 607 39 Bunny Candle by allison731 Bunny Candle :iconallison731:allison731 45 7
Collection folder All Member Works (1 work per day)
Submit your works in Favourites. Every unique, beautiful and interesting work will be proposed for the group gallery. :thumbsup:

Challenge Theme - Flowers
If your work fits with the current theme submit your work in themed folder. Other works will not be accepted. :)

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Alanova by Valinakova
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Zappa's eyes. by jennystokes
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Love at Sunset by zoomzoom
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On the Square by allison731
It's Witchcraft by MissXMelody
Writing Contest: Found Lines: Rebirth and RenewalDeadline: end of 5th June 2021. Timezone flexible.Update: one more prize added.Write a poem, free verse, or prose poem, with seven or more lines (or sentences if prose).Each line must incorporate the title of one or more deviation by someone else, posted before today. You can add words, up to as many as are in the title, so if it's a two-word title you can add two words.The theme is to be, building something new, or rebuilding, out of the ruins or ashes of the old.ExampleA boy can dream of places [A boy can dream]Where the sun is bright [The sun is bright]And yellow. His shoelaces [Yellow shoelaces]Tied together can't fight [Tied Together] [fight]His eager hopes and youthful wish: [Eager Hopes] [wish]A soaring eagle, barefoot, he is free. [Soaring Eagle] [Free]I've put the title words in italic and the deviation titles i used in square brackets after each line to show you how i did it, but you don't have to do that in your deviation. If i can't puzzle out how you used the titles i'll send a note, though, so you might want to keep a version like this in your stash or something.PrizesThe three entries that seem a best fit will each get a diamond, which gives you a month of free Core Membership. All other qualifying entries will get one of the lesser baubles.First prize will also get 500 points.How to EnterComment with "Entry" and two links: first, to the deviation you are entering; second, to a favourites collection with the pieces in it whose titles you used. You can give the collection a name like "Found Lines - Rebirth and Renewal" if you like. You can include mature deviations if you want. The deviations don't have to be poetry - they just need to have titles you use. But extra marks if they fit the situation in some way. They must be from seven different people, though. You can use more than seven titles as long as they are all in the favourites collection and all from different people. Your piece does not need to be in English, although if i can't read it except via Google Translate it might be harder for me to judge, but i will try.Your work must be original, of course, and published on DeviantArt as a deviation. It must also make sense when i read it - that is, it's not just a list of titles!You can update your entry any time until the contest is over at the end of 5th June.
Literature DDs April 15th - April 22ndIf you haven't been keeping up on Daily Deviations,here's what you've missed lately!,RRelative GriefI try not to study your face or look at you. They"An honest stream of consciousness piece to wrestle with the ideas of familial relationships, meaning, and morality." - @Evangeline40003 ,CCaught into the CleftIt only takes one missed step To fall and ruin"Raw piece of poetry about seeing the light and the positive even in negative times and situations." - Suggested by @JustACapharnaum, Featured by @Malintra-Shadowmoon ,QQueen of Wrath Empty basement? Checked. No windows? Checked."High school romance is rough, and it turns out demons don't make it any easier." - @Zara-Arletis ,UUntitledThey were such small things, I didn&#8217;t even"A tragic piece about the price of trying to please others." - @SingingFlames ,sshe/her, or: please let me love youyou're fire but in a calming way; and this makes"A poem delightful as a spring smile." - @Barosus ,FFlow and codeSwing and a miss with kisses. But I'll twist you"Strong images and good allusions, this is a poem to be read out loud and enjoyed." - @Evangeline40003 ,LLet Healing Rain Pour on Scorched LandAll is still as dry as tinder; Alas, after the"Beautiful piece about nowadays misery and the little steps of healing we can grant." - @Malintra-Shadowmoon ,WWhat Has the King SeenI woke up with my brain running dry of thoughts. A"I love the descriptions in this story, the way mechanical and organic contrast." - @Zara-Arletis To suggest a Daily Deviation, send a note to one of the Literature CVs Our DD Suggestion Guidelines can be found in our profiles!


Viera pole dancer by Huy137
Wonder Woman 1984 (Merry Christmas) by Huy137
Retro neon by Maleiva
Dandelion II by allison731
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A Pirate's Story by Olgola
Whale Dreams by ArtFurry
Sounds of autumn by NM-art
Longing for Krishna by Nameda
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High on Love by BritLawrence
-family- by Calitha-Lena
Duckling Bed by Innocentium
Gosling by Heidi-V-Art
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Take me home by jennystokes
The colors of Autumn - Part I by myINQI
-family- by Calitha-Lena
The Tree And The Castle by Estruda
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Black Cat by FattCat
How to Use Transform Tools, Distort Filters by MariaSemelevich
Ragnaros from World of Warcraft by Dzikawa
Playful Primordus by EvelynVictus
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Buachaille Etive Mor by newcastlemale
Did you know Christmas is near? by rainylake
Snowy Robin by rainylake
Swallow Falls by Estruda
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Window Full of Dreams by TheGalleryOfEve
Resources Icon by TheGalleryOfEve
Galle Fort Lighthouse 1. Sri Lanka by jennystokes
Wave by Annissina
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Return Of The Living Dead Girl by misfitmalice
Pandora Character Concept Art by Glamra
Executioner by AveOko
:.:Frigid Finale:.: by ShadowRyghas




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