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Wings of Freedom: Chapter 6 :iconwhisperdreams:WhisperDreams 2 0
Wings of Freedom: Chapter 5
Two years later…
“You’re slow! Run, you shitheads!” Keith shouted. The rain was pouring down; the cadets were drench even when wearing a rain hoods. The sound of their boots squishing in mud. Keith looked down from atop his horse, noticing that Armin was having some difficulty and falling behind “What’s wrong, Arlert? You’re falling behind!”
Keith slowed his horse down a bit so that he was riding next to Armin “Is it too hard for you? Do you want to be the only one to put down his equipment? If this was a real mission, you’d be titan food already!”
With that said he gave a little nudge on his horse and went forward, leaving Armin behind. He was having a hard time trying to catch up to the others. His breathing was heavy and laboured. He felt like his lungs were about to burst, the crisp air not helping one bit.
“Give that to me.” Without giving him time to respond, Reiner took Armin
:iconwhisperdreams:WhisperDreams 3 0
Wings of Freedom: Chapter 4
Their first training day started out early in the morning. The bells rang, announcing it was time to wake up and get ready for the day. After breakfast, all the cadets gathered in the fields where five suspending equipment were standing. Keith explained to them that this was the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment aptitude evaluation. Before they could continue with training, every cadet had to go through this evaluation. Anyone that is unable to remain upright would be dismissed and return to the fields. Everyone split into five groups, each lining up in front of one device. One by one, they went up, tied the wires to the hooks on the sides of their gears. Then were pulled up by the wires and had to keep balance. Keith walked up to each individual to make sure they were doing it right. After five minutes it was the turn of the next one waiting. Naomi was next, walking up to the device. Someone came and hooked the wires to her belt. Once secured, she nodded to the guy, telling them she was
:iconwhisperdreams:WhisperDreams 2 0
Mature content
Wings of Freedom: Chapter 3 :iconwhisperdreams:WhisperDreams 4 0
Wings of Freedom: Chapter 2
Over a century ago, mankind faced a new enemy. The difference of power between mankind and their newfound enemy was overwhelming. Soon, mankind was driven to the brink of extinction. The surviving humans built three walls: the Maria, the Rose, and the Sina. They then lived the next century in peace, under their protection. However…
The small, closed-off areas surrounding the walls, such as Shiganshina, were used as baits to attract the Titans, fulfilling their roles of lowering costs of defense and military. As a result of this design, the people of Shiganshina could escape the assault of the Titans by traversing only one gate.
Within a few hours after Wall Maria had fallen in the southern district of Shiganshina, the news of it spread through the human territories like wildfire. That year, the Central Government decided to withdraw all human activity inside Wall Rose. The Titans devoured 10,000 people.

. . . . . . . . . .
Brown eyes shot open. Naomi sat up panting, holdin
:iconwhisperdreams:WhisperDreams 4 0
Mature content
Wings of Freedom: Chapter 1 :iconwhisperdreams:WhisperDreams 4 6
We're back! by WhisperDreams We're back! :iconwhisperdreams:WhisperDreams 32 7 WhisperDreams by WhisperDreams WhisperDreams :iconwhisperdreams:WhisperDreams 0 7 The Wings of Freedom by WhisperDreams The Wings of Freedom :iconwhisperdreams:WhisperDreams 27 8 Ryouta Kise x Naomi O'Connor by WhisperDreams Ryouta Kise x Naomi O'Connor :iconwhisperdreams:WhisperDreams 5 13 Damon's smirk by WhisperDreams Damon's smirk :iconwhisperdreams:WhisperDreams 36 37 Damon O'Connor Info by WhisperDreams Damon O'Connor Info :iconwhisperdreams:WhisperDreams 13 7 Naomi O'Connor by WhisperDreams Naomi O'Connor :iconwhisperdreams:WhisperDreams 36 27
Mature content
Attack on Titan: The Wings of Freedom Chapter 10 :iconwhisperdreams:WhisperDreams 3 5
Phoebe Callaghan by WhisperDreams Phoebe Callaghan :iconwhisperdreams:WhisperDreams 19 23 Anthony O'Connor by WhisperDreams Anthony O'Connor :iconwhisperdreams:WhisperDreams 25 17


Hello everyone!

So for those who read my story: Wings of Freedom, and patiently wait for a new chapter whenever I can post one, I want to say... THANK YOU!! 

I'm glad knowing that people read and enjoy what I write, that's why it makes me sad when I can't post as often as I can. I hope you can understand, with school and all, I some times can't come online or I'm too tired to even write up a phrase (Trust me, you do NOT want me to type a chapter when I'm half asleep lol XD ) 

I've also opened a Archives of Our Own account with the same user name. Though, right now it will be to post my Kuroko no Basket fanfiction I'm writing. 

You must be wondering 'She has trouble typing one chapter for one story, why is she starting another one?' 

The answer? I might be crazy. 

Nah, that's a joke. The real reason? I love writing and got too many ideas for just one story. I'm alternating between both stories, up to now its going good. Staying positive! XD

Stay tune for more~

WhisperDreams :heart:
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RequiemDark Featured By Owner May 12, 2017
Hey, I was wondering if it isn't a bother or anything, but I was wondering if you do an Attack on Titan role play ?
WhisperDreams Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey! Sorry for the really, really late reply. I'm sorry to inform you that unfortunately, no, I don't do Attack on Titan's role play. I'm too busy, I'd rather focus on my writing and fics. Again, I'm sorry :hug:
Selvatic Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2017
Thanks so much for the Kise fav!
WhisperDreams Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Your welcome!

Kise is my favourite character and I loved your story~ :squee:
CinnamonrollAkira Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday! ^^
WhisperDreams Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
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Np! X3
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Thank you~ :hug: :squee:
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