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First of all, I wish you a happy and phenomenal 2011. Full of amazement, great adventures, lots of love. Passion.

It has been over a year now since my last journal entrie. A lot has happened since. It has been an emotional roller coaster, a hell of a ride of which I'm still recovering.

I haven't taken a lot of pictures the last year. I used any and every excuse of the book. No time, no passion, no urge, no inner need. I neglected it because I felt the urge to do something else. Anything else.

I started to write again. I used to write, a lot. Every day. I used it to cope with my inner demons. A way, a manner to deal with them. To avoid drowning in a sea of opposite feelings. To avoid surrendering to the chaos in my head, my heart.
The demons submerged, hid, out of sight. To remain silent, and grow stronger. I didn't feel the need to write anymore, so I stopped. They seemed gone.
Untill last year. The demons subsurfaced, even stronger then before.

Now, I'm better, feeling better, getting better. In the next couple of weeks I hope I have the courage the post some of my writings. So I can share some of the darkest moments of my life...

Untill then, be nice, and love!
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I took some time yesterday to play around with my camera. The location was perfect and convenient: my own backyard. I grow my own vegetables and herbs (my first year, so I'm still learning the tricks).

I taught that it would be an afternoon shooting plants, and flowers. However, there is more life in my garden than just plants. It is full of life. Bees come and go, butterflies tend to stop once in a while. Catterpillars enjoying my own home-grown vegetables, snails eating my mint. I don't mind, as long as I can take their pictures.

You can see the result of my lazy sunday afternoon, filled with the 2 things I enjoy the most: taking pictures and amazing nature.

I hope it will be sunday again... very soon

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So. Where to begin? Hmm. Well, I've been a member for a few months. Exploring this community. Exploring the possibilities.

It is huge. So many gifted photographers. I'm learning so much in such a short notice. And it is a great experience. But still, I have to learn a lot. Some basic skills I am still missing. Including stamps in a journal entry for example.

I'm off, wandering a bit more on this site. Adding some more photographers to my watchlist.

A few things: Please say hi when you visit my pages. I wont bite. Comment on my pictures, I'm mainly here to learn from my mistakes.

Out for now. Have fun. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy life. Be amazed. Be nice

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