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Chill Out (Chloe Price Fanart)

Hey guys! Another one piece on Life is Strange. This time a step out of my semi-manga style. Done in ArtRage.
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Hell, it might be my favorite piece of fan art ever!
I just had to buy a print. :D
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You're welcome! :D I got the poster a few days ago! I bought a frame yesterday. :) Imma frame it on my wall.
whiskypaint's avatar
I'm really honored to know this. Hope you will not regret this decision :D I gonna make more of this style art in the nearest future. Cheers!
nicefieldSFM's avatar
Awesome, can't wait to see it! :D
nicefieldSFM's avatar
This is one of my favorite Chloe fan arts ever! It's sooo great!
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I like this alot, the perspective makes it feel voyeuristic but in a good wholesome way. Like the viewer is in the room rather than staring from the void.
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Very nice effect, I love it Heart 
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damn I want her to fucking punch me in the face till I start to bleed, beat me up with a belt and then dim her cigarette on my wounds. 
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Everyone's like: 'If Max could see this, she'll get nosebleeds'
Damn my nose bleeds like a waterfall 🔥🔥🔥
whiskypaint's avatar
Mine too, lol! Thanks for the comment :D
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Please tell me I can buy a print of this somewhere.
TheNightHowler's avatar
I bet if max saw that she would blame her nosebleed on her powers 
(Btw gorgeous artwork!)
whiskypaint's avatar
haha thanks for the comment!
TheNightHowler's avatar
np, I am excited to see more of your art ^~^
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Love this, this is awesome.
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damn chloby ur boobies 
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Damn, I love your style :D
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