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Random from Amazing Literature

Brief and Terse
Life on Earth is brief and terse;
let's complain about it all in verse.
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 26 28
Composed in Burning Purpose
One sonnet from the hands that raise, alive
One syllable, one word, one turn of phrase
Like rolling waves, the moments, they arrive--
Like light and life crescendoed on for days.
So strike, composer, notes, and wave your hand
Through music in the air. And raise your eyes
You dancers on the stage-- now take a stand--
The lights, the orchestra, the thunder dies.
For this is all you ever fully loved--
This moment full of life that no one knows.
Oh yes, they see and hear and read enough
But you, alone, give birth in painless throes
To glory wrought in burning purpose. Give
Your everything to that for which you live.
:iconlabruyere:LaBruyere 15 13
Ballad of the American Waitress
            -For the lonely, the underpaid, and the ones just really tired of life-
"I too, sing America"
"American" which means tax-free for me,
No sense of economy, and absolutely emancipated
From mortuary science, living
As hamburgers do. On the shelf-
Life of shantytown supermarket value menus—
Bring me the drink menu.
Thank you. I don't think
A tip will be necessary for that.
I boost the high-heeled boast of baby chairs and safety belts
I glorify flesh in pictures and idolized television.
I worship the lottery, the silent luck, who never (not even once) has talked back.
I sing,
Like an American
A white man judges me
As I balance tray upon tray
Of fries, onion rings,
Caviar and wonder bread,
The supplicant thread
Of lobster claws and
Mozzarella cheese sticks.
Never once knowing
It doesn't make sense
And my many boyfriends, those
Who share my apartment with maybe
A dozen different brands of CAT ©
The funny
:icontheglassiris:TheGlassIris 7 15
FFM16-15 The Horseman
    When the End came, it arrived on the back of a red horse. War brought famine, and eventually death. The world collapsed around us, trampled under the riders’ hooves. Then the white horse came. Our saviour. We bowed to mighty Conquest on his alabaster steed, and he cut off our heads.
    I stopped trusting horsemen after that.
    We picked our way over the rubble, a slate and steel blur. Decayed towers stretched up above us, their few unbroken windows winking gold at us from the setting sun. The sun always set too quickly these days. The world belonged to the horsemen now. Our job was just to make it through the ever growing nights.
    “Wait,” Māui called, and I turned back to see him scrambling up the side of a concrete beam. Iron rods stained with rust jutted from its side. There were other rusty stains as well. I didn’t point them out.
    Reaching do
:iconc-a-harland:C-A-Harland 8 9
Stamp Collector
Nobody knows why Tom collected only stamps with flowers on them. Perhaps he spent his final lucid days in his sunroom, penning letters to women who once courted him with their silence. When they spoke, their voices came in wispy penmanship, the ends of their S’s tucked meekly into the letters preceding them, like smooth legs folded under sheer camisole. Maybe he never wrote to anyone at all but simply mused over what it would feel like to gaze on, upward and unblinking like a sunflower and still get lost in the mail.
Tom’s collection was abundant but not exhaustive. Most notable was its lack of purple: no clusters of lilac, dizzying asters, fair-faced violets. The weeds, however, flourished, both dandelion the maned and dandelion the beheaded by wish or wind. He cherished his Japanese sets and referred to them affectionately as My Sakura, cherry blossom or otherwise. Nobody knows how Tom’s collection amassed. Some say he sifted fervently through discarded envelops. Ot
:iconsolaces:Solaces 11 7
Muddied waters
When I was a little boy I nearly drowned in a river
while my father sat in a tire swing drinking poison
and chatting up some skin he hoped to try on for the evening.
If it weren't for a passing stranger I would have gotten my picture in the Sunday paper.
Maybe then he would have found some use for me.
Good skin doesn’t care for drunks, but everyone likes a sob story.
Nowadays I wonder if I would have been better off;
I could have been a rolling stone, gone down to meet the Atlantic.
She would have loved me then.
I was so clean, so blissfully untainted;
Not like now. Now we're both dirty,
carrying around so many people's filth under our skin.
I still think about answering her call, walking out into her murk
and letting her fill my lungs..
There's no good in that now, though.
I've already been claimed by the shore.
:icona-la-douce-memoire:a-la-douce-memoire 2 2
Paper Pouring
Profound words,
Fake paper...
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 12 8
Bitlets 491
If you can’t make someone’s else life better
how will you learn to do so for yourself?
:iconnichrysalis:Nichrysalis 6 2

Random from Beautiful Maps and Architecture


You've done very well in creating the contours of the face without actually shading. It's quire remarkable really. The picture takes on...


Aug 15, 2018
1:49 pm
Aug 13, 2018
12:48 pm
Aug 11, 2018
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Aug 10, 2018
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WhiskeyDreamer's Profile Picture

Artist | Literature
United States
Since a very early age, I've been creating stories. Before I knew how to write, I conjured them in my head and played them out with Rambo action figures and Barbie dolls. I can still remember writing a short story in third grade, Mr. Mindler's class, and he was so impressed that I'd spelled the word "apartment" correct that it made me want to write more; just to see if I could impress him with harder words. I spelled "association" wrong and didn't write again until seventh grade.

Through junior high and high school, I kept notebooks. Spiral bound cheapo notebooks because there weren't any Barnes and Nobles' to go to and get a nice one. Even if there were, I would have felt bad asking my mom to purchase them for me when I could get away with using the cheapo ones. I had stacks of notebooks when I graduated. I've burned them all since. Yes, you should keep your older writing in order to show your progress over time. And no, you shouldn't keep it if it would embarrass you if someone decides to read it at your funeral.

Which brings us to almost present day. Now, I write with a typewriter or fountain pen. Not because it's what all the cool kids are doing, but because I find working away from a WiFi environment actually makes me more productive. I've learned a few things in all these years of writing.
  • My writing is mine and though I'll take your advice on what would make it better, I'm under no obligation to make every or even any change you suggest.
  • No matter what happens, I've always got friends. Sometimes they're in my head, and talk when I don't want them to, but they're always there even when the real world isn't.
  • The word association is spelled A-S-S-O-C-I-A-T-I-O-N.

Have you heard that I'm going to be publishing an anthology? 

3 deviants said
2 deviants said And you could have your flash fiction included!

Hurry Up!

Thu Aug 9, 2018, 10:35 AM
You've only got a couple days left (til Saturday to be exact) to get your entries in for our FFM anthology.  We've had over sixty entries so far!  :woohoo:  For our freshman outing, the response has been beyond wonderful.

Our readers are hard at work combing through all the entries and making selections for what will be included in the anthology.  By early September, we should be ready to start the editing process.  :la:  For those of you that submitted, we'll be in touch around that time.

With the rush of Flash Fiction Month behind us, it's time to start planning our next projects.  In a push to be all inclusive, we're going to be holding both prose and poetry projects.  Sadly, none of the details are finalized, but we can at least give you a little bit of insider information.

NaNo Squads Project

Once again WhiskeyDreamer will be hosting the Squads project.  It was a wonderful success last year so it would be a shame not to give it a go again this year.  After receiving feedback on last years event, there will be some adjustments from the game plan last year.  

Mainly, we're trying to put together a group chat of some kind where everyone (not just squad members) can get together.  The question is whether to use Slack or Discord.  What do you guys think?  Which would you use more?

If you'll be participating in NaNo 2018, make sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming journals since we'll be putting a call out for Squad Captains, prize donations and of course, the invite to participate in our project.

Poetry Project

Running the FFM Anthology and NaNo Squads projects has been great, but we realized we're forgetting about a large portion of the lit community here on DA.  So, we're going to start working on a publication for poetry.  It'll be run very similar to our FFM Anthology project.  The goal is to make the official announcement by Mid September/Early October.

Would you like to be a Reader for our poetry anthology? :eyes:

We Want Your Feedback

What do you think of these two upcoming projects?  Would you participate in one, or both?  Are you interesting in joining our team as planning admin and assist WhiskeyDreamer with running these publication projects?

Let us know in the comments.

Skin by SimplySilent


Literature Critique
Any prose literature under 1,000 words. Critique will focus on plot and character development, overall story flow and suggestions for improvement. Minor grammatical errors will not be noted.

Standard time frame is one week, but may vary depending on my work load. If it will be longer, I will let you know before accepting the commission. No critique will exceed two weeks.


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