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The Not Me Feel Weird Image

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    I feel weird today.  There is a reason for it, though. 
    Anywho, do not expect to normally see this, for I normally would not make it, but today is an exception. 
    Paint is what I made this with. 
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Hum... so modern art then. I was never a huge fan of abstract art though your colour choices were nice. At first I thought this was Photoshop or something and you just used overly brushes to create that effect. Quite amazing that you used MS Paint. 
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    Yes, the modern art.  Almost all of its kind I do not like greatly... to the point of horrid disgust sometimes.  For the recent fear poll, I was going to mention some of the things that I find heavily disturbing, but I could not name even one of those things.  But modern art: that is one of the horribly disturbing things for me!  I am not even sure why I feel so uncomfortable by it, or have such dislike for it, but I just... do.  Now, I am sure there are examples somewhere out there that I do like, but for the most part... eww.  
    Thank you so kindly!  :)  
    And thank you, in a way, for reminding me of something I find disturbing.   It is nice to consciously have an example of specific events and circumstances.  :aww: