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Lovely Parts of Lovely Beings

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    After looking at piles of dove feathers where a raptor kept moving his birdie meal, I thought, I've lived here for years, and doves are one of the top three birds that are killed by the raptors in this yard.  But not once, not even once, do I get to see a dove beak or head, unlike the other birds where seeing such parts is a common thing.  I have been waiting so long!  Oh, what a gift that would be!  
    And shortly after that, when I looked over again one of the piles of feathers, what do I see in a clump of grass near the pile, but a whole drive's head!  This was not just a beak or a skull, but a whole, perfectly intact, undamaged, beautiful head.  
    And just before I came across the dove head, I find these wonderful bits of flicker wings.  This birdie was probably slain by a cat, for in the snowy areas, a line of little paw prints were leading up to the patch of ground where the wings laid.  
    And before the wings, I find that cute, tiny, little pellet, I believe at one of the other dove feather piles.  
   And who but the crow decided to watch and not flee as I took this photo.  Ah, lovely things and a lovely time.  Oh, how lovely indeed.  
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Hum and some flicker feathers surrounding the dove's head. :D Seems like it was a lovely dove before it got killed. So you just put it on the car or was it already on the car? Because I wouldn't dare touch a dead bird's head. x3
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Oh yes, that would be a great dove!   :D
No, they were in separate areas in the backyard, I just needed a place to photograph them and thought they looked nice against the blue-grey of the car.  
Hey, well it probably means you got a bit more sense than I.  ;)