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Leaping Deinonychus Up Close, He's Not a Duck!!!

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     Again, when people from school saw one of my sketches of a Deinonychus, they were certain it was some kind of 'Prehistoric Duck' (and they do not look like ducks to me!).  So, to make sure my prehistoric raptors look like modern raptor, I when on Google images and compared photos of water fowl with photos of eagles and other modern raptors.  Here's the result of that.  I hope the fella above does not look like a duck, but if he still does, tell me what I can do to make him look not like a duck, but as a predator while still having a good healthy coat.  Thank you!!! 
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I heard that mesozoic raptors didn't have the same browbone that modern raptors have ): but it looks too cool not to draw it in!
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I don't think that anyone who knows anything about dromaeosaurid dinosaurs would think this looks like a duck. :I He looks dangerous and beautiful, as Deinonychus was meant to look.
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Really!?!  Yay!!! 

That's exactly how I hoped he would look! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  :lol: