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Expressive Clothing.

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    Today, I was in a very strong mood to decorate clothing.  I decided to doodle all over the top, front half of an old pair of jeans of mine.  I spent way more time than I intended to on this project, but the results are very pleasing.  :)  
    This was all drawn in sharpie.  (I hope it comes out okay in the wash.)  

    Here are some of the beings/things included: a fake stitch, a lock and key, swirly patterns, lines and dots, hearts, moons and stars, owls, clovers, flowers, a maniraptor, a pterosaur, runes, X marks the spot, a butterfly, a unicorn, a dragon, a rabbit, a messed-up corvid, and some footprints.  That was a long list.  

    Well, I hope you like it!  :)  
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That's neat you drew all over your jeans. I like the various feathered creatures illustrated here. 
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Thank you!  It was fun to make. 
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I just love the little maniraptor. 
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