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Name: Lucinda 'Cyn' Caparros
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 150 pounds
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Hispanic

Personal Quote: "Everything falls apart.  What makes you think you're an exception?"

Background:   Lucinda Caparros was born to illegal migrant workers in Mohave, Arizona, the first of two children born six years apart.  Born six years later, her brother, Eduardo (Yayo), was born with severe birth defects caused by congenital varicella syndrome.  Lucinda  lived with her parents, raised mostly by her mother, who was very much the traditional matriarch, until she was twelve.  When she was twelve, she returned from school with her younger brother in tow only to discover that INS had arrested her parents.  Before they were separated, Lucinda's mother made her promise to take care of her bronther.  Lucinda and her brother were made wards of the state and lived together in an orphanage in Phoenix for a year.  Shortly thereafter, both Lucinda and Eduardo were entered into the foster system; primarily through Lucinda's efforts, she managed to travel from home to home with Eduardo with only brief separations (very few foster parents were equipped to deal with the severe crippling and mental retardation caused by Eduardo's birth defects).

Upon turning 16, Lucinda applied for and was granted emancipated minor status.  On her own for the first time, Lucinda immediately applied for custody of her brother, but was denied.  Unable to attain custody legally, Lucinda broke into Eduardo's foster home and kidnapped him.  In the process, she ran afoul of the foster father and hurt him badly (cracked sternum, broken femur, and lacerated internal organs), making her a fugitive in Arizona.  With her brother in tow, she managed to elude law enforcement and escape to Angel Falls, where she and her brother were first caught by the Freedom City Mob to be sold as slaves, then captured in an FBI sting operation.  Fearing that she would be recognized and separated from her brother again, Lucinda blasted her way free of holding and, in the process, also orchestrated a jailbreak.

Now wanted by the FBI, local police, and state police, Lucinda has been living in Angel Falls as, essentially, a non-entity, committing petty crimes for cash and paying for her needs without establishing any sort of line of credit.  She is very much lost in the woods, not entirely sure how to proceed.  She has a deep mistrust of authority, though, and so has been trying to find ways to capitalize on her powers to find an in with the super-powered criminal element in Angel Falls.

Personality:   Lucinda is a mix of volatile emotions.  Fiercely loyal to her brother and determined to take care of him against a world that seems, to her, to be out to get them and determined to break them apart, Lucinda will do anything in her power, up to and including murder, in order to keep them together.  Lucinda likes to have things- having been raised in nearly perpetual poverty, yet surrounded by the benefits of wealth, Lucinda quickly learned that people with property and possessions were able to make themselves exempt from the rules that seemed to exist solely to bedevil her.  Finally, Lucinda is pretty insecure, and this is most evident in her violent and vengeful reactions to people that she feels have slighted her in any way.

Powers/Abilities:  Lucinda has several abilities that work in close conjunction to each other to make her a singularly dangerous foe.  First is her ability to intuit the physical weaknesses of anything she can see or hear; although the ability requires her to be able to perceive her target, she does not understand the information as visual or auditory data.

Her second power is moderate superhuman strength and speed, making her approximately three times faster than normal human maximum and capable of benching about a ton under optimum conditions.

Her physical powers coupled with her ability to determine physical weaknesses alone could make her a particularly deadly foe, even to opponents much stronger or tougher than her, but all of that fails to take into account her most dangerous power: sonic projection.  Lucinda can generate waves of sonic force.  These can be tightly controlled and can vary in amplitude from as little as 5 dB to as loud as 180 dB.  For comparison, a whisper in a library is approximately 30 dB, while a gun blast is rated at 140 dB.  The death of exposed tissue occurs at 180 dB, while the loudest noise possible is posited to be 194 dB.  Used in conjunction with her ability to find weaknesses, Lucinda can instinctively determine resonant frequencies to truly devastating effects, including the shattering of bones, explosions of brittle objects, and the collapse of hardened structures.

Lucinda is smart and capable, approaching genius level in some, limited circumstances.  She is fluent in conversational Spanish and English, but her written English is poor and her written Spanish is nearly nonexistent.  Similarly, her practical knowledge of math and science is reasonably well-developed, but she has failed to go much beyond that, and her knowledge of theoretical science and math is grossly inadequate.
The first villain I've made for Angel Falls, I tried some different stuff with her, most notably my attempt to answer all of the questions in this character guide:…

Without reprinting all of my answers, here, I will note that if anyone is curious, I do have the answers saved on my disc and I am more than happy to provide them.

Oh, and just 'cause it kicks ass and is totally Breakpoint's themesong:…

One last note: Breakpoint's first appearance (hopefully not her last) was in the Scene From the Edge series:…
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Knight3000's avatar
Good bio and piece
WhisakedJak's avatar
Thanks, Knight- I look forward to working on that piece with you.
Skaramine's avatar
Truly, a powerful and beautiful gal!
Skaramine's avatar
Karnak the Inhuman, plus some nice sonic projection.  And drop dead killer looks.  I like.
WhisakedJak's avatar
I quite like her, too- if only she weren't so hard-headed!
Skaramine's avatar
The rest of her looks soft and pillowy... well, maybe not that sixpack... ;)
Kmon13's avatar
Wow she look like she could be a dangerous opponent or a valued ally if given the opportunity....

However she does mostly everything for the sake of her brother's health which can be used as a weakness if discovered and can be used as a bargaining chip by those with advanced medical technology at their disposal which would lead to her being willing to do anything for the sake of Improving his health if given the opportunity....

I make note to keep her in mind for a character who's in need for hired muscle. 

I'll send you a note when I get the chance...


WhisakedJak's avatar
Potentially, yes, she is extremely dangerous.  Currently, she's somewhat volatile and inexperienced and, yes, her brother is a significant lever with which to control her.

Feel free to note me with ideas if you come up with a use for her.
Kmon13's avatar
Don't worry I will... 

I added her bio to my fav's list.  :) 
MuscleGoddessHaven's avatar
Interesting villain you have created. She is similar to my Sakura in many respects. 
WhisakedJak's avatar
Hm.  Sort of a little like Sakura if Sakura had gone dangerously wrong, eh?
AnyaStorm's avatar
WhisakedJak's avatar
Thanks! And thanks for the :+fav:!
AnyaStorm's avatar
you're welcome
Levia-the-Dragon's avatar
Ah yeah, makes sense with her lack of conventional schooling... and the tragedy in her past and her brother's disability all make sense for what she became...
WhisakedJak's avatar
Thanks. It was important that her backstory explained her current situation without, I think, excusing it. Did it work?
Levia-the-Dragon's avatar
Mmm, Indeed it did, to me it was quite well-done when she attacked the foster-home her brother had been sent to to try and get him back, loyalty to him conflicting with what's honestly best for him.
Feredrone's avatar
I like her backstory and the type of villain she's become as a result. It's always nice to see another character who's tremendously loyal to their family. Apart from the potiential drama it may cause down the line, it helps humanize even when the character in question is a villain.

Her sonic powers have me just a tad concerned given that anyone who doesn't have an insanely tough super-powered contitution probably won't be able to do much against her unless they take her down with a surprise attack; which is a whole 'nother issue in and of itself.
WhisakedJak's avatar
Sonic powers should worry you- with just a little research, I was able to learn some of the truly horrific things noise can do- did you know that 180 dB can actually ignite the atmosphere? Of course, for all that, she's still pretty vulnerable. Another glass cannon, as it were... am I starting to get predictable?
Feredrone's avatar
I don't think so. As far as I can tell, glass cannons are pretty rare in a city full of "flyng bricks". Hence why I made Emil the way he is.

The main thing I'm concerned with is that you can't really dodge sound. I mean, you -might- be able to block it with incredibly specialized equipment, but other than that...? =/
WhisakedJak's avatar
That's true, although sound drops in intensity incredibly rapidly as you get further from the source- and I imagine her powers have to be pretty focused in order to not turn herself to jelly (sound is a physical force, after all, and she doesn't really have much in the way of physical resistance)...

I just had a really vivid image in my head of 'exploding bricks.' Thanks, man! :rofl:
Feredrone's avatar
Oh, I see! So, characters who couldn't take damage like that without dying would be able to avoid having their insides liquified if they move fast enough, right? I mean, it would probably still hurt but...

Heheh, well you could probably put that image on paper so long as you use it literally and not metaphorically =P

Welcome :)
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