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[Tutorial] Transferring Character Morphs G1G2G3G8

[Tutorial] Transferring Character Morphs G1G2G3G8

The first version of this workflow came from Kattey on the DAZ forum, for which I acknowledge credit. Here is that (lengthy) thread: http://www.daz3d.com/forums/viewthread/24093/ First of all, however: there are two ways to recreate a character.  There is the easy way, which is not redistributable, and the hard way, which is.  We'll discuss the easy way first.  I'm sorry, but I can't do anything for those of you who absolutely can't learn from text.  This is what I have time for right now. --- PART 1: CREATE A SINGLE DIAL Load Genesis 1.  Dial in your character morph.  There cannot be anything in the scene except the single figure while

Ivey and Sadie: Return to Faerie

Occult Hunter Aria: The First Case

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New West End Weekend: Brown Paper Bag edition will be released 3/13/20 in the evening, Pacific Time.

Waking from the Dream

Waking from the Dream

FROM THE DESK OF WHISAKEDJAK: Four years ago, on the day that I’m writing this, I published the first issue of the first volume of the West End Weekend. At the time, the West End Weekend was intended to be a supplement to the group Lady Quantum and I created under the auspices of Angel Falls, and I was using it to highlight stories and ideas that were being used within the West End. Actually, let’s back this up a step. The West End of Angel Falls had been around for a long time, as long as Angel Falls itself, and had been underused. Lady Quantum and I were regular visitors to the Angel Falls deviant art-based chatroom and, in talking to other members of Angel Falls, it became clear that Angel Falls had been moving away from what the members claimed they wanted to see. There were several issues: the imbalance of older characters compared to newer characters (the infamous 100 ton strength cap comes to mind), the inactivity of the site owners, and the degeneration of the site into
The Country Roads Thanksgiving Weekend Sale:

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*hugs back*

Sorry it's been 2 years late. You have a great gallery!

Knight3000Hobbyist Digital Artist
Have a great New Year Jak
Hope 2020 goes well for you and your family
Knight3000Hobbyist Digital Artist
Merry Christmas Jak
Hope you enjoy it and all my best to you and your family

So I was just made aware of your Shayna animation that you made quite some time ago and I must say I was thoroughly pleased, impressed and stimulated haha ;)

WhisakedJakHobbyist Writer

Hey, thanks for that! I'm on-again, off-again working on a posing routine for kittyelfie 's Heather, too...

Kittieelfie said to say to you that I liked your dialogue

"I was benching about a ton at school,” Sadie said, “I don’t think the handles are going to be a problem.” 
WhisakedJakHobbyist Writer

Hey, thanks for that! I'm sorry it took me so long to reply- I often forget to check this account. =P