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Allyson Lyon by Nathanomir
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8 Facts Zhao Long
So I was tagged  by :iconwhisakedjak: and he wanted to know about Zhao Long

1. He is a Decorated Army Ranger with Several Medals from several theaters of War
2. Most of his family have been named after characters from Romance Of The Three Kingdoms, he himself is named after Zhao Shima
3. When he is himself so to speak, he tends to dress somewhat simple, a lot of Army boots and Cameo
4. While growing up, he trained a lot in his mother's Dojo and was a excellent Martial Artist from a young age
5. He meet Amelia while both of when where stationed to a Inteligence Base in Papa New Guinean
6. He is the Winner in a Ranger Munchkin Tournament once 
7. He has always been interested in board games, and is a big fan of the Tabletop Renaissance
8. Big fan of Master Science Theater 3000 
:iconkiama123:Kiama123 3 2
8 Facts Mei An
So I was tagged by :iconwhisakedjak: and he wanted to know about Mei An

1. Mei An was named after Zhao's Drag Persona
2. Mei tends to be a very girly dresser, lots of skirts, sweaters and high heeled boots, except when she is at work, where she is usually wearing sneakers, Jeans and a White T-shirt
3: Mei is mostly Bi sexual, though her preference is for girls
4. Mei owns Several Gaming lofts in Dream Haven, which are stores that lets you borrow Tabletop games and has tables and chairs to sit down in and serves light food and snacks
5. Mei is a Power shopper, she is relentless when she is shopping, regardless if it is clothes, Board games or decorations for her Lofts
6. Favorite Console game is the Super Mario Kart Series
7. Favorite Tabletop game is Any variation of Munchkin
:iconkiama123:Kiama123 3 2
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Commissions (I don't do them)
Just thought I'd do this up real quick as recently I've been getting a bunch of notes asking if I do commissions. To save everybody some time, I figured I would make a journal where I refer you to some amazing 3D artists who actually do take commissions and would love your business.
:iconQuantum-Publishing: :iconLady-Quantum: :iconWhisakedJak: :iconstmercy2020: :iconDangerguy01: :icontiangtam: :iconPGandara: :iconTrekkieGal: :iconMr-Marcus-81: :iconGordon228: :iconTNoire: :iconVagrant3D:
Now these are just off the cuff, so let me know if I missed anybody please let me know. I will add the caveat that not all of them specialize in muscular women, so make sure you ask politely and don't get upset if they don't.
Addendum: From Dangerguy01  "A good idea for any commissioner: go through the artist's portfolio to determine if they do the sort of images that you'd like to see."
:icontrentharlow:TrentHarlow 4 38
ToraJam Week 3 by TrentHarlow ToraJam Week 3 :icontrentharlow:TrentHarlow 33 50 2019 Lingerie Brawl - Fantasma by Janus3003 2019 Lingerie Brawl - Fantasma :iconjanus3003:Janus3003 26 28 ToraJam 018 by TrentHarlow ToraJam 018 :icontrentharlow:TrentHarlow 47 19 Lingerie Brawl 2019: Yumi by TrentHarlow Lingerie Brawl 2019: Yumi :icontrentharlow:TrentHarlow 44 43 Reunited by TrekkieGal
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Overall, I think this was a solid piece, but not really ground-breaking. Putting your heroes into a school that actually was meant to c...

Bearing in mind that dA's critique form is woefully inadequate... Overall, I enjoyed this story, as I tend to enjoy any story featuring...

Okay, let's talk about what worked and what didn't. I'm actually going to start out with what didn't work for me, namely, Ultrawoman's ...

This installment had a variety of things to discuss. My initial thoughts have already been amply discussed in previous critiques and al...

Rates- Talk to me about Quantum Publishing!

:iconlady-quantum: and :iconwhisakedjak: are now taking commissions through :iconquantum-publishing:. Please go through this page to find pricing and hire us for work.

So, I spent the year of 2016 basically giving away work. While I have enjoyed doing this, it has not been cheap and, honestly, it has not been fair, either to me or to the many talented artists who have lost potential business because I've been poaching their clients. With that in mind, I will no longer be giving out as much free stuff. I will still give out the occasional gifts, and, of course, I will still be happy to collaborate with people; I just won't be giving out as much. Hopefully, this will encourage people to spend a little extra and purchase services, instead. :D

First off, here's how this will work: when you want me to do something for you, contact me via dA notes. I will respond within 24 hours unless there is a major catastrophe that prevents me from being able to (and I mean MAJOR- think biblical flood or the loss of the entire Western seaboard or the dA servers going down for a week; those are all equivalent, right?). I will let you know if I can do what you want; if I'm not certain, I'll ask for clarification. I will also give you a tentative price, based on the figures posted below. Once we've settled on what you expect me to do and the price for it, I'll let you know how long I expect your commission will take me and you will be able to pay me through my Paypal link. Work on your commission will commence from the moment I am paid.

Editing services:
. $10.00 per page for a look-over of your manuscript. Look-overs are a single pass and intended only to give feedback regarding significant structural or mechanical flaws in your text. The price of a look-over is subtracted from the price of developmental or copy-editing if one of those services is purchased for the same work at a later date.
. $0.03 USD per word of the original text for developmental editing or copy editing. If I ADD words to your story, the cost is $0.30 USD per word, and I retain rights to my edits until I am paid. You always retain rights to your original (unedited) work. Generally speaking, you can expect that I will edit between one and three thousand words in a day, depending on my workload.

Writing services:
. I will write hero, villain, and wild card profiles, including profiles for supporting characters, for a flat fee of $25.00 USD plus $25.00 USD per page after the second (yes, this means that the first TWO pages cost only $25.00).

. I will write profiles for settings and organizations for a flat fee of $40.00 USD for the first two pages and $25.00 USD per additional page.

. I will write original stories for characters for $25.00 USD per page.

All rates are figured based on Calibri 11pt font, double-spaced between paragraphs and 1.15 spaces between lines.

Visual Arts Services:
All rendering services are now handled through :iconquantum-publishing:- I'll be happy to work on a commission for you, but we've standardized our rates. Please contact either :iconlady-quantum: or myself in our notes or talk to us on discord.


Avenging Zed G8
Lady Quantum wasn't the only hero upset over  Network Avenge the Fallen by Lady-Quantum... Zed hasn't been a complete basketcase since his girlfriend vanished into thin air, but everyone in his squad really hopes that situation will be resolved soon. With Anne gone, Zed's temper has shortened to a point where even Jefferson is considering pulling him back from the hard cases... not that Zed's likely to listen. Right now, he needs the action; he needs the violence. He needs... to avenge!

Zed belongs to :iconwhisakedjak: and can only be used with express permission.

Zed is a part of :icondream-havenda: and :icondreamhaven-westend:.
Avenging Kat
Kat is as feisty as her sister is calm; when hardcore trouble starts kicking up a ruckus, you can bet Kat will find a way to stick her nose into it... usually to the dismay of the troublemakers!

Kat Delacroix belongs to :iconwhisakedjak: and can only be used with express permission.

Kat Delacroix is a part of :icondream-havenda: and :icondreamhaven-westend:.
Avenging Angel
Normally, Angel Delacroix prefers to resolve conflicts peacefully, but when the people she loves are in danger, she can be as fierce as any archangel.

Angel Delacroix belongs to :iconwhisakedjak: and can only be used with express permission.

Angel Delacroix is a part of :icondream-havenda: and :icondreamhaven-westend:.
Avenging Amy
When Anne disappeared, it killed her AI companion and best friend, Minerva; it was something that she hadn't predicted, hadn't allowed for... and the fault caused a fatal error in Minerva's psyche. She rebuilt herself, effectively rising like the phoenix, into her latest incarnation, Amaterasu, but she hasn't forgotten her lost friend. She's hurt, angry, and ready to avenge her missing friend.

Network, Amaterasu, and Minerva (mentioned) belong to :iconwhisakedjak:. You may use them only if you get my prior consent.

Amaterasu is a part of :icondream-havenda: and :icondreamhaven-westend:.
Dear god, the backlog... between this site and :iconstmercy2020:, I have over 900 activity notifications to deal with. I promise- I will get caught up over the course of the coming week. I think.

I was tagged by :iconkiama123:; I wasn’t tagged by :iconieliara: or :iconlady-quantum:, but I’m doing this anyways. Neener, neener.

The rules are:

1. Post all rules
2. Write 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 people
4. Write the name of the character with its owner.


In this installment, I’m giving a little more insight into my superhero dispatcher, Network…


Network Avenge the Fallen by Lady-Quantum

    1.    Anne was surprisingly ruthless; while she generally tried to avoid killing people either directly, indirectly, or by accident, she would not hesitate to arrange the death of someone or something that she concluded was a threat to her city.

03 March - The Favored Mallard by WhisakedJak

    2.    Anne’s favorite color was blue and, while she was not as pathological about it as her best friend, Alessia, she usually wore at least one item of blue clothing.

Network with Zed- Cuddle 08 by stmercy2020

    3.    Anne worked out vigorously and religiously and counted calories, but had a weakness for beer and pizza. She dreaded the day when her metabolism would slow to the point that she had to give up expensive, syrup-flavored lattes.

Workout Partners 01 by stmercy2020

    4.    Anne was the sole proprietor and employee of White Hack Information Security (WHIS) Services, a modestly successful firm specializing in testing and upgrading physical and network securities for businesses and extremely private individuals.

Shooting Stars 06: Chapter 2 by WhisakedJak

    5.    Anne had several patents for inventions, although she didn’t directly sell any of them. In particular, her extrapolative internet security software is still considered to be, bar none, the best in the trade, and her nanotech communications devices (called microbuds) were unrivaled pieces of technological genius. Although Anne had had a great deal of help and input from Minerva in designing these items, the initial idea and design considerations were entirely her own.

Quit Slacking, Anne! by WhisakedJak

    6.    Anne spoke English and a plethora of computer programming languages. Apart from these, Anne was only fluent in swearing, but in that particular area, she had graduate level skill in several languages including Russian, German, Spanish, and Hebrew. Minerva was able to do real-time translation in order to allow Anne to listen to or write in almost any language, but could not give Anne the ability to actually speak a foreign tongue.

2017 Lingerie Brawl- Network by WhisakedJak

    7.    Anne was slightly far-sighted, but not enough to require vision correction. The glasses she wore were non-prescription and served as a platform for Minerva to project information directly into Anne’s eyes.

A First Small Apocalypse 01 by WhisakedJak

    8.    Anne had a fondness for miniatures strategy games such as Warhammer and Space Marines; paradoxically, she disliked Go and Chess, despite being a master, as she felt the rigidly defined variables did not accurately reflect the organic evolution of a conflict.

Network Library by WhisakedJak

So... time to tag another eight. I'll admit that most of the people I'm likely to tag have probably already been tagged half a dozen times, so feel free to ignore me if you want to, but... I'm gonna try to come up with another eight things that people might want to know more about. Here goes:

1. :iconkittyelfie:'s Strikeforce
2. :iconlonestranger:'s Galactic Coalition
3. :iconlady-quantum:'s Rads & Radicals
4. :iconsebastianssire:'s Morningstar Clan
5. :icontrekkiegal:'s West End Girls Detective Agency
6. :iconkiama123:'s Walker Incorporated
7. :icontrentharlow:'s IDOL
8. :iconmoxiee:'s Paragon Academy


All art is courtesy of :iconwhisakedjak: and :iconlady-quantum:, who are :iconquantum-publishing:.


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