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Note: I am currently a full-time student and am usually only active on weekends, so leave a message and I'll get back to you!

Favourite Movies
Who Framed Roger Rabbit, O Brother Where Art Thou, Moana, Back to the Future, Die Hard, Se7en, Enchanted, Twister, Ocean's Eleven
Favourite TV Shows
Samurai Champloo, Sherlock Holmes (Granada), Archer, Bob's Burgers, The Good Place, Law and Order, King of the Hill, Sailor Moon
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The Brian Setzer Orchestra, James Newton Howard, Billy Joel, Noriyuke Iwadare, Earth Wind and Fire, Absinthe Junk, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Boston
Favourite Games
NiGHTS Into Dreams, Sam and Max Save the World, Magic Knight Rayearth, Dance Dance Revolution, Grandia II, Cuphead
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop Elements/Premiere, Toon Boom Studio, Wordpad
I just started a new Youtube channel where the primary goal for me is to learn how to speak better: https://www.youtube.com/@WhirlwyndsWanderings One of the video types I'll be working on is animation demos, and I thought it would be neat to feature other people's characters in the animations. If you're interested, head on over to the latest video ( https://youtu.be/oQK9snbPtNY ) and let me know in the comments! You'll of course get a copy the final animation if your character is featured in a video. I don't expect to be around DA very much in the future for a number of reasons, so here's where you can keep up with me if you'd like: Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/geminicblue My other Youtube (creations rather than recordings): https://www.youtube.com/@geminicblue/ And my main site, which will be changing quite a bit. I'm working on a section where I feature other people's works but it's not open just yet. If you have a comic or written work or something on a self-hosted site
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I’m in pretty bad shape right now. I have about 50000 bills upcoming and I've worked four hours so far this week 👍 been trying to find a second job but no luck yet. Nothing’s late yet but I’m breaking down over the stress. I've reached out to some county/state-run programs for help but it's going to be a while until they get back to me. Additionally, since I haven't been getting many hours at my job I've been donating plasma to get food and gas money, but yesterday I was deferred for two weeks because of a nutritional deficiency. Send me a $3 Ko-Fi and I’ll tell you what I like about an art piece of yours? Image, short story, chapter of a longer piece you’re working on, any medium. No hate/stolen art or anything like that, but otherwise: https://ko-fi.com/whirlwynd
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Current Plans

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Made it past all that math and I now officially have a degree in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences! 🎉 I always forget how much joy animation brings me when I don’t have the time for it for a while. So since I can’t afford to give myself the graduation present that I really want, I’m going to give myself tons of time this month to work on those little clips I was making for bits at a time last year. I will probably finish these three: along with some stuff I owe other people before I get back into some serious project work. January’s a good time for this since I’m not tempted too much by the outdoors 😂 I'll be getting back into the Cuphead animation once these are done =) it's a little outdated by now but I never intended to leave it unfinished.
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still alive?

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^0^ Thank you!

Thank you for the watch!

You have alot of great artwork here.Good Job.