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Pokemon Type Meme



Created by ~aquamizuko, it's the Pokémon Type Meme! :pokeball:
*lowers "Applause" sign* :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

I felt I needed some practice using my tablet, so I filled out this meme 100% in Photoshop using nothing but my tablet to draw and color the pokémon in each box.
I think all but one of my regular Pokémon team are in here. (The only one missing is my Sneasel, Gatya)
But at the very least, all of my main six (the ones I tend to keep with me) are present in this meme. So you'll be able to meet them. ^_^

I was actually amazed at the number of third gen pokémon I wound up picking.
Before doing this meme, I didn't know I liked this many. =P
This did confirm though that I don't like any of the fourth gen pokémon. I could just be biased because I never played Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, but none of them held any appeal for me when I was looking through them on Serebii.

Going down each row from left to right:

Bug: Scizor
I picked Scizor because it's the only bug type I really think looks cool.
All the others are "meh" and below.

Dark: Tyranitar (Reptar)
Tyranitar is freaking awesome. Nuff said. =D
One of the members of my regular team, but not one of my main six.

Dragon: Latias
Really this one was kind of a toss up. I also like Dragonair, but Latias won me over with her cuteness. :meow:

Electric: Raichu (Nuka)
I love Raichu, and I also like Pichu, but I'm not overly fond of Pikachu because its not nearly as cute as its former and latter forms.
Unfortunately, if you wanna get a Raichu, you first have to at least have a Pikachu to stuff a Thunder Stone down its throat to turn it into a Raichu. =/
At any rate, there aren't a great many other electric types that've matched the cuteness and power of Raichu.
.....Especially since they keep coming out with Pichu look-alikes that don't evolve....... wtf? :O_o:
Anyway, my Raichu Nuka is one of my main six. =)

Fighting: Machamp (Ali)
Another of my main six, Machamp is my favorite fighting type.
I mean how can you beat having TWO sets of super muscly arms? =D

Fire: Ninetales (Foxfire)
A staple of my main six, Ninetails is a gorgeous fire type. =)
I love kitsunes (mythical multi-tailed foxes in Japanese folklore, for those who don't know) and the myth that revolves around them.
Literally speaking, though, the word "kitsune" just means "fox" in Japanese, but I often see the term used to distinguish between regular foxes and the mythical multi-tailed version. :P
Anyway, that's most of the reason I love Ninetales so much. =D
In my Pokémon story, Katana's first pokémon is a Vulpix which of course eventually becomes a Ninetales during the course of her journey through Kanto and Johto. =)

Flying: Charizard (Napoleon)
The flyer in my main six, Charizard has always been generally one of my favorite pokémon, even to this day three generations later. I would've put him in the Fire slot also if Ninetales wasn't so darn purdy. :meow:
Most of the reason I love Charizard so much is because it looks the closest to an actual dragon, the way non-pokémon people know a dragon to look like. =)
Which is hilarious because Charizard isn't a Dragon type. (which obviously is why it's not in the Dragon slot instead of Latias, lol)
Don't ask why I named it Napoleon. I have no idea why I did that. :P

Ghost: Sableye
When I first played Ruby on emulator, I looked at Sableye and thought "It's a Heartless!" and promptly caught it for my team.
After some time though, the novelty wore off, but it remains at the top of the Ghost types, with Haunter coming a close second. =)

Grass: Sceptile
Whenever I start a pokémon game, I find myself picking the lizard-looking pokémon as my starter. (Charmander in Red/Blue, and Totodile in Gold/Silver).
So of course for Ruby/Sapphire, I tend to pick the Treecko, which eventually evolves twice and becomes a Sceptile. =)
In all honesty, I'm not overly fond of grass types. It's just not that great a type. =/
Pretty much all their type advantages I've got covered with others on my regular team.
I pretty much picked Sceptile because it's one that I like to keep in my Ruby party until I get enough of my regular set to replace it. =/

Ground: Marowak (Anubis)
I love Marowak. He's another of my main six. =)
Having a skull for a head, it has a very close connection with death, which is why I picked the name "Anubis" to give it. :meow:
If I'm remembering correctly, its previous form, Cubone, is classified in the Pokédex as the "Lonely" pokémon. (don't feel like looking right now:P)
Which for me only added to the appeal. ^_^

Ice: Walrein (Hyneman)
......Yes, as in Jamie Hyneman form Mythbusters. I'm a dork. XD
When I first played Ruby, I pretty much fell in love with Spheal. (its first form)
It's an adorable ball of walrus. What's not to love? :meow:
And then when it gets stronger it becomes big ol' honkin' WALRUS!!!!!
So yeah, he's part of my regular team, but he didn't come along soon enough to be part of my main six. =)
............Dont' steal his bucket. :P

Normal: Snorlax
Normal is another one of those types I'm pretty "blah" about. None of them really stand out as one I really LIKE.
Snorlax won the slot out of being an easy source of pokémon comedy.
Who hasn't imagined the pokémon they hate most being crushed to death under the belly of a sleeping Snorlax that just happened to roll over? ;P
Yes, that's a Pachirisu I chose as my victim. If it wasn't another "non-evolving-Pichu-wannabe" then maybe I'd find it cute. But no. It gets death by Snorlax. :P

Poison: Muk
Poison...... another not-so-great pokémon type. It's only type advantage is against grass types. (which I generally don't carry anyway)
And almost all poison types (that aren't also grass types) tend to just look dumb. =/
Muk is actually a pretty cool pokémon for being only a poison-type. It's pretty strong, and if I were in that world I certainly would not want to meet a Muk up close.
But the main reason I picked Muk as my favorite is because it's one of my favorite pokémon to BEAT ON!
I can usually pull out any of my pokémon that know Psychic or Ice Beam and blow the holy crap out of it.
But my favorite thing to do to Muks is to pull out my Machamp and have him do Earthquake. ^^
I can imagine the scene in my head. Ali beats down on the ground with all four of his fists to make the ground shake, and the Muk just wiggles and wiggles like a giant pile of purple poo-flavored jello. =D
And then when the shaking stops, it just slinks down and dies. XD
lol, I'm so mean. :P

Psychic: Mewtwo ...and Spoink (Maxwell and Porkichan)
Both part of my regular team, but neither is among my main six. (cuz I don't believe in using MewTwos in regular battle, and the Spoink just came too late)
I was having a hard time picking between these two.
I love MewTwo, but Spoink is just too adorable to resist. =P
Yes, Porkichan does eventually become a Grumpig, but Spoink is cuter. :meow:

Rock: Tyranitar (Reptar)
......I think I already covered this one. lol =D

Steel: Aron
When the Steel type was first introduced in Gold/Silver, there weren't really a great many that looked all that great.
Except for Skarmory. Skarmory is awesome. =)
Can't beat the metal chocobo. ^_^
......That is unless you're a cute little hard-headed critter that eventually turns into a giant metal triceratops of doom. XD
lol, yeah Aron's really cute. When I first played Ruby/Sapphire and saw that, I was like "Finally! A cute steel type!"
It's not part of my regular set, but it's still cute. =)

Water: Golduck (Poseidon)
Water types....... undoubtedly the most plentiful pokémon type in all of pokédom. And with every new generation, we are handed an equally numerous slew of new and pathetic water types to trounce on. (most of them fish...)
Few of these pokémon are actually any good.
Golduck is one of these water types.
Gyarados comes a close second, because it's one of those that has a quad-weakness, but still kicks ass in spite of it. (being also a Flying type, it is quad-weak to electric moves)
But Golduck takes the top spot mostly because it is so awesomely expressive. =)
Usually when you see a Golduck, you can tell what kind of personality it is.
My Golduck, Poseidon, is primarily a goofball off the battle-field, but when it's time for business, he gets serious. >=]
Obviously, he is one of my main six. =)

Whew! There we go. All done. If you're still reading......What is wrong with you?! :XD:

lol, Just kidding. But seriously, I need to stop making these things so dang long. :P
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