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Gobo Gargoyle

By Whimsy-Floof
Gobo Fraggle as a gargoyle. In my gargoyles fic, he's the leader of a famous band called (you guessed it) Fraggle Rock.
Although he (as well as Mokey and Wembley) only appears for like a chapter, and they'll maybe get cameo appearances later, I needed to draw at least one of them so I can get an idea of what they look like. Red and Boober aren't a problem, they're two of my main characters and I've already got their looks down.
So here's Gobo.

......longest frickin guitar neck I've ever seen! I suck at inanimate objects! XD
And where the hell are the adjuster knobby things! XD
I've decided I'm never drawing guitars again.

....And he looks too young. He looks like a frickin teenager. Gobo's not a teenager in my fic. XD
Gaaahhh..... Wah. >_<
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Gobo looks amazing as a gargoyle. :) And even if he's not a teenager. He looks literally well-preserved for his age. :)