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Rest in peace Monty Oum.  


Ruby has a better face with better textures in this set ^^

UPDATE 1.5 6/20/15 (will need 2 update pic l8r i guess lol)
-made face "squishier"/cuter/more accurate
-changed face and eye textures
-hood updated
-hair minor changes
srry cant type alot carpal tunnel lol      
ill fix desc later sorry 
the rest of the rwby gang will be made once I can get the time to do them and when my wrist is better :^]

ruby 100%
weiss 90%
blake 100%
yang 100%

sob download model to the right

editing- go ahead!!! put her in pjs or something who knows
distributing edits- yea!!! go ahead!!!
crediting- id prefer if you credited me, but it's not necessary just credit Monty
basically do whatever u want edit steal her look i dont rlly care as long as you credit Monty for being the amazing person he is and for creating rwby!!
note me if you have any problems!! (physics arent that great and the nose glitches at times lol)

rwby by monty oum
compared to original 3d model from the show:
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ok got it to work my internet needed to cooperate. you have one with the scythe?
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i have a problem..i can download it but everytime i try to extract it it keeps saying the archive is in an unknown format or damaged...
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Wish I had my laptop again. So loved modeling with this Ruby and is now considered old :'|
OMG! Was panicking then! I have honestly never, ever seen a Ruby Rose mmd this good before, but I couldn't download it! Got it now tho!
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This is very awesome~ :D
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I can't download!! QAQ Something is wrong with my computer T^T good job tho. It looks really good

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So, I can take parts from her? (Like the hood, boots, skirt...). 
i know i probably sound like a total noob right now but i am new to mmd and how would i import this model.  i have previous experience using maya but mmd is very different.  please help!!!
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this might help if u wanna convert it to maya!!
ok so what u do is you download mmd and open it up and it will have on the left side where it should say "model manipulation" and click load
and then u select the PMX or PMD file to open and thats basically it!! i hope this might of answered your question and i hope i didnt misunderstand anything!!! 
if you have any more questions feel free to ask me :^D
i downloaded your model but there isn't any pmd or pmx file in the folder it is just a lot of textures and other random files that appeared right after i unzipped the folder
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hmmm thats weird... try removing the main folder to any destination and drag it to where the model files are in your mmd folder and try loading it from there
okay so i got the model to mostly work.  but for some reason about half of the textures now aren't showing up.  The hair, skin and belt are the only textures that load.  everything else is just a dark grey when i try to put it into blender.
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hmmhmmmm... i barely know anything about blender so you might have to ask someone else about this around deviantart sorry D^:
 is it like that when u render it? or
at this part of the video it might help idk i dont know much loool
Hey why is everything null?
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i was too lazy to rename them looool D^:
thats just the pmx file default name for the expressions and model and things
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omg thats hilarious holy-- 
thanks for showing me this!!
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No problem! you deserve to see your creation like that xD
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Awesome work on this one.
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