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. Hug Lazeros Stamp .

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Yes, it is the Hug Lazeros support stamp!! ><;; I know it's silly, but I like it. If you support Laz, then stick it in your journal. If you have stuck it in your journal, note me, lol... Also, If you wanna do a support stamp exchange, just tell me, and I will purt yours in my stamp collection ^^. Luv to all!!
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i would if i knew how to put stamps in a journal :P
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ryan *hugs* lazeros
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Im hugging laz on my journal :XD: :hug:
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when Ì get a sub I`ll use this
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id add it if i could! ive never had a sub.......... T.=.T
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That's cute. c: Start a "hug ***" trend!
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i put it in mah journal =]
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RAVE IS GONNA STEAL THIS. *runs off with it*
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Daww Laz thats cutesy cutesey. I would soo put this in my journal if i was subscribed. heh :hug: There my job is done
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*goes to put in journal*
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do you have a stamp? link meeeee
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X3 no I don't have a stamp, but I'm still putting this in my journal XD
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*Takes stamp & runs of with it* I support Laz!!
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ZEO IS TO USE THIS NOW *takes stamp* X3
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*hugs* and uses it c:
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I'm going to put this in My Journal!!! :D :D :D!!!
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Yeah! long live Lazeros! :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute:
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Niiice! I'd be happy to post this in my journal! :glomp: I'll post it in my current one :)
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