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Our Final Journey-In the End

Everybody's life has a story of it's own, it's own colour, it's own characters, twists and turns. But for all of them, almost all, it ends with the same ending. Death.For death is the bitter reality of this life. But does one's life ends at the threshold of death.Is there a life beyond death with it's own imagine world.Is there a different world waiting for us and to all these queries are a different answer. People cling to different beliefs.

I believe life doesn't end at death.Death to me is an interval. The 2nd half is called afterlife.
People will have to give an account of their deeds they did in this world. So the human from the first man to the last would be sorted into 2 groups- good people destined for heaven and bad whose abode shall be hell.
Initially they would walk together(through a treacherous and very narrow bridge) and when they(bad People) would reach a bridge which takes them straight to heaven, they would be unable to. For this bridge is above hell, narrow and treacherous, one slip of foot would take them down to the belly of hell would also be very dark. Hence the believers would be equipped with their own lights to guide them  safely to heaven.And the evil people would lose their footing and be swallowed by hell fire, they would be denied the crucial light.
Our  final journey would be the beginning of afterlife.

My entry for the contest held by :iconsharpenededge:

:iconi-s-weeklydeviations: at :iconinspiration-showroom:

Credits to the Stock Providers~

Falling Model
Falling Model II
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Volcano stream

HeartMy thanks  to the wonderful stock artists credited above. 
I appreciate every fave, comment so many thanks to all of YouHeart
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magically absolutely fabulously beautiful diamond masterpiece!!!!

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Thanks a lot for your lovely words, my friend Vlad:heart:

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my pleasure, my dear friend Hazel:huggle: :heart:

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So well written and a great entry, Hazel. :love:
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Thank you so much for the appreciation dear Ans and glad you love the story!! How very sweet of you*-*
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Other great work!!
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Hug Looks fantastic my friend Heart
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Thank you so much Alois:heart:have a nice day..!!
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Beautiful, but I don't believe in hell, but in purgatory, because even someone like Jeffery Dalmer should have a chance at redemption.
Thank You
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Thank you so much!
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Thanks a lot dear, it means a lot to me and my work:hug:
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Stunning Art ! :clap: Really Love details on it :love:
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Thank you so much Jen for your sweet comments:heart:glad you love it!!
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So fascinating and beautifully done 💕
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Thank you so much Xeena for your nice words, glad you like it!!
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Thank you so much dear!!!
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You are most welcome! :hug: :heart:
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