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e v a p o r a t e



Ohmygosh, a manipulation! What is this?! This doesn't happen!! Well, this particular manip is for *Breathless-dk's contest- [link]

Can you tell that it's water? Evaporating? So it's like, water and air??

Yeah, me neither. -________-

This was a bitch to do, and I'm kinda mixed on how I feel about it. It looks pretty badass, but not as badass as I imagined it. :ohnoes:

But badass nonetheless.

So, the horse is entirely repainted. There might be a tiny bit of base showing through, but I don't even know anymore. It was a lot of painting. D:

If anyone has critique to help me out, please do. I might not necessarily fix it... because I'm a lazy bum... but it's possible.

As my history teacher says- ANYHOODLES.

the smoke- *ISOStock
Everything else- painted by me.
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WOW!! O_O Beautiful work!