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April 28, 2013
[Stock and Resources] .:: Whimsical Photoshop Actions ::. by `Whimsical-Dreams
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.:: Whimsical Photoshop Actions ::.

:rose: The Whimsical Photoshop Collecton :rose:


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NEW: Wonderful Photoshop Actions (30 Actions) by Whimsical-Dreams Lolly Pastel Photoshop Action Collection by Whimsical-Dreams

Two Little Wrens Shop  |  The Blue Wren Company  |  Whimsical Dreams Photography

30 of my own personal photoshop actions which I use to edit my photography. These include -

Workflow Enhancers

* Make it pop
* Soft Contrast
* Soft Low Contrast
* Let there be light
* Improve exposure
* Give it some detail
* Fix Shadows
* Fix Highlights
* Simple color boost
* Subtle Spot-light
* Soft Vignette
* Vignette Faded
* Sharp Focus

Tone Enhancers

* Simply Sweet
* Earthy Tones
* Autumn Tones
* Natural (Forest green)
* Melancholy
* Retro
* Vintage lighter - v2 Revamp
* Vintage darker - v2 Revamp
* Strong vintage (+spotlight)
Haze Colors

* Basic white
* Mauve (darker)
* Violet whisper (lighter)
* Sea
* Sepia
* Dawn
* Summer
* Retro haze

These actions should work with most Photoshop CS + versions.
Please remember that it takes a lot more work than just editing a photo as well. Photographers put their heart and soul into taking photographs, which I must stress is much more important than the editing.

When I use each action, some suit portraits and others suit nature, fiddle around with them and toggle the opacity up/down if it's too strong or not enough. Practice makes perfect! Good luck!

:heart: If you download my actions, please fav or share it with others. I've put a lot of work into making them over the years and they're special to me as I've grown and developed with my photography/editing.

© Sarah Jane Photography
© 2013 - 2021 Whimsical-Dreams
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temptresskitty's avatar
I don't know if I am lost as to where to find your beautiful photoshop actions on your website but I can not find them anywhere, are they gone?
Pinki3pie's avatar
I guess its not available anymore? all i see is a wedding site
I can't find the bottom to download...
Your actions are so beautiful and I wish I can get my hands on one of them but sadly at the time I cannot afford it .
Whimsical-Dreams's avatar
Thank you sweetie, well in good news there will be a competition to win an action soon! Keep a look out :love: 
Yuukon's avatar
Thank you for providing these :heart: I'll be trying them out soon!
Whimsical-Dreams's avatar
I'd love to see what you come up with! :love:
Yuukon's avatar
Whooh! I love the "simply sweet" one, the colours are so soft :heart:
Whimsical-Dreams's avatar
:aww: Glad you're enjoying them!! Any feedback is most appreciated :love:
Yuukon's avatar
Certainly! Once I can afford it I will also download your other actions :happybounce:
Whimsical-Dreams's avatar
You should be able to now, I just gave you 20 points :love:
Yuukon's avatar
That's so sweet, thank you so much :heart: :tighthug:
Whimsical-Dreams's avatar
You're welcome darling :rose: Let me know how you like it, with the results in editing etc! :aww:
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These are beautiful!
Whimsical-Dreams's avatar
thanks so much! have you tried them yet? x 
and how can it be downloaded? do we need to buy? i can't see any link>>>!
fannyprimucci18's avatar
Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :D
JdyJdyJdy's avatar
Thank you and i shared 
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