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Photography 101: Chapter 01: Basics and Looking
So, a few days ago I decided to ask through a poll and see if you guys were interested if I were to write about photography, how I work, and so on. I got a 100% positive outcome on that, so I decided to just go ahead and write a complete guide on photography. Considering I aspire to be a teacher one day, this is a great opportunity for me. Today, as I publish the first chapter of this guide, we start off with the basics, because these are important stepping stones in becoming a photographer! 

Photography 101: A Photography Guide

Chapter One: Basics & Looking.

When you want to get into photography, or when you just want to get better, it helps to know what terms like exposure, aperture, shutter speed and so on mean. That was my first step of getting into photography: some theory, and actually understanding that theory.
Let’s start off with what photography really is.
When browsing to the Wikipedia page on Photography, you’ll
:iconyuukon:Yuukon 63 56
Photography Trouble Shooting: Lighting
Recently during a projecteducate week focusing on Still Life Photography we asked for you to share the issues that you might have when trying to obtain some great Still Life Shots. Through this series of articles we hope to answer some of the queries or give you that push you need to step outside boundaries and get creative. The first frustration came from 1510 who struggled with Lighting additionally a further 19 Deviants voted on the poll to indicate they had the same issues.

"Lighting. I always have to use just window or lamps which are never
good. kind of given up on still life photos, even I have still tons of
ideas..." 1510

"1510 lamps and natural light are a perfectly good way of lighting a subject. Many 'professional' lighting solutions, particularly the ones that burn 'hot' or constantly, are not much more than high wattage incandescent light bulbs often with some sort of cooling (to prolong the lifespan of the bulb).
:iconkaz-d:Kaz-D 76 44
Photography Troubleshooting: The Watermark FAQ
"How do I protect my photography and art in general?"

"As Tahog pointed out, at least 1 journal per month makes it to the top of the list and is about stealing art. Sometimes this is something small such as posting a piece to facebook, other times you see hoards of pieces on a  website selling wallpapers or something similar. Regardless of how it happens, or where, it can hurt just as much to see your hard work disregarded and especially someone else profiting or taking credit.
Protecting work is a huge deal for some people, and not for others. It depends entirely on your outlook - how you view your work and indeed whether or not there needs to be some constrictions on it due to the content being a child, or family member. But how do we protect our work properly from art theft and wrongful use? The simple answer is you can't provide for every eventuality. Even if you upload your work to a website where right click -> copy is disabled,
:iconkaz-d:Kaz-D 91 108
What's Macro Photography? Technically a Macro photograph shows a subject that is life size compared to the size of the negative of a SLR or sensor in a Full Frame DSLR, that's a 1:1 reproduction ratio aspect. For example, if we take a macro of an object wich is 35 mm long, it will cover the whole frame, no matter what size the reproduction, if we are shooting with a Full Frame camera. Often a ratio aspect of 1:2 is also considered Macro, although that ratio shows subjects wich life size is half of the size compared to the negative or sensor, I preffer to call those pictures Close-up photograpies.
Here is an example of what I'm saying: I shot a measuring tape with my D600, wich is a full frame camera, and my macro lens set at the maximun magnification. As you can see there's exactly 35 mm of the tape.

Example of 1:1 ratio aspect with a full frame camera
What do we need to do Macro Photography? Well, firstly a c
:iconmarcosrodriguez:MarcosRodriguez 34 28
Ten Portrait Photography Tips
People & Portrait Photography
Check your Angles    
Avoid unflattering angles, don't frame your model with their arms or legs chopped off unless it works for the image. If in doubt, fully frame them and do the chopping afterwards in post-processing! Don't forget to check that the tops of their heads and their feet are in focus. Missing feet are disconcerting!
Be the Director
As the Photographer, most people will be looking to you for direction. There's no time to be shy when you're behind the camera! Keep calm to help your model remain relaxed but make sure they're not made to feel awkward if you lack giving instruction. Pose them well, avoid direct bright sunlight and check out your background.
Eye contact...or not
Eye contact isn't always necessary, in fact candid journalistic style photographs often work best. Your subject doesn't have to be looking directly at the camera for it to be a successful shoot, but yo
:iconkaz-d:Kaz-D 44 11
Masters of Darkroom
Darkroom Photography
The first photograph created was an image produced in 1826 by Nicephore Niepce. He did this on a polished pewter plate covered with a petroleum derivative called Bitumen of Judea. The image required an eight hour exposure time in bright sunshine. We've come so far since those days and those lengths of times to achieve an amazing image - but at the same time it's great to give a nod to the past, learn the basics from the basics and turn to the masters of their field for some inspiration and reminders about just how rewarding Darkroom photography can be.
Henri Cartier-Bresson
One of the greats of his time, Cartier-Bresson worked almost exclusively in Black and White photography. His tragedy is that he gave up photography long before he died, choosing instead to paint (which is awesome too!) and locking away his camera and forgetting the craft.
:iconkaz-d:Kaz-D 11 12
Some next-steps ideas for macro photography
There are a number of good macro tutorials already out there (here, here, and here, amongst others) so this is aimed at someone who has maybe taken a few pictures already, and is looking now to try something a little different. There are many variations and alternative approaches, but this might help you get going, and try something a little different.
Some folks get strung up about macro vs close-up. There is a difference, but in reality, if it looks good, it's great. For this, I'm going to bundle macro (bigger than life-size onto the sensor) and 'closeup' into one term. Much easier.
Also, please click through to the full size images of the thumbs featured here - they are fine pieces of work often deserving of more recognition than they have. I have only used my own image
:iconafricanobserver:AfricanObserver 23 29
Let's Learn Portraiture: Natural Lighting
Welcome to the second installment of Let's Learn Portraiture!  The previous installment was about Model Communication. For this installment, we will be tackling a topic for those photographers who enjoy taking portraits outdoors.
Portraiture with Natural Lighting
1.) Avoid Direct Sunlight
While it can really bring out the color of the eyes and make them pop, having your model stare into the sun should never be on the agenda. Not only is it exceedingly uncomfortable for your model, but it casts very harsh shadows. In most cases, you want to position your model with the sun behind them, or to the side.This will illuminate the hair and offer a nice glow. The issue then is that the subject's face may be too dark (underexposed). To solve this, you can bounce some light back into t
:iconkendra-paige:Kendra-Paige 67 22
Back to Basics Photography - Understanding Raw
dSLR cameras and most bridge cameras have the option to shoot in raw, but what exactly is it and what are the benefits? Let me attempt to explain.
A camera raw file contains all the data that is captured when the shutter button is pressed whereas a JPEG is compressed and a lot of the data is lost. They are often called digital negatives as they serve the same purpose as the negatives in film photography; they are not ready to be used as the final image, but hold all the information and data needed to produce one. This all means that you are left with a higher image quality which also allows you to have more control and manipulate more parameters than a JPEG. All of the metadata is also still in tact, meaning that the original state can always be referred back to if needed.
So, surely you want to see the difference, right? Well you're in luck. 

Top - straight out of camera (SOOC) raw. Bottom - basic adjustments done in LightRoom raw.
This can ei
:iconkinipelahh:kinipelahh 69 83
Tutorial and Features: Landscape Photography
In the spirit of continuing to share insight and knowledge that I've learned from my experiences with photography, this will be my third tutorial on photographic subjects and techniques.  Previously I've submitted articles discussing digital camera noise (found HERE), and Neutral Density filters (found HERE).  I want to keep up with this, and hone it into a more helpful concept.  So this is the first one where I will try and provide a holistic coverage of a topic.  Today's topic is landscapes.

The most important factor of any landscape is focal range.  A landscape is characterized by a massive depth of field, that puts a vast and deep scene into sharp focus.  This is often overlooked by amateur photographers, who
:iconjoshlore:joshlore 91 57
Playing With Instant Film
Darkroom Week
I shoot instant film. Polaroid, to be specific. It's my vice. I shoot a lot of it, and it's an expensive addiction at about three dollars a frame but I do it anyway. And I'm not alone - we have many instant photographers on DA who are still using this most unique analog medium even though we could just take some digital shots and not have to refinance our houses to do it. We like instant film because of its immediacy, but also because of its purity - what spits out of the camera is what you get, flaws and all. It's hard to fake talent when you can't fix anything in post-process.
But you can, to an extent, manipulate instant film. Before we can start breaking it, though, we have to look at what it is. So we begin with:
Instant? Film? What?
Instant film spits out of the camera and makes a print, basicall
:iconarbitrarynamechange:arbitrarynamechange 17 23
The Art of APN Photography
Animals, Plants, & Nature Week
Hello and welcome! My name is Jen, though I'm more commonly known on DA by my username, JenFruzz. I am currently the Animals, Plants, & Nature (APN) photography Community Volunteer on DA and your host for the next week! To kick off APN Week at projecteducate, I felt it would be prudent to share this article with my thoughts on what makes APN photography an art form and what can be achieved with the skilled work of its artists.
The APN Categories
Like many of the photography categories on DeviantArt, the subject matter that one would expect to see while browsing APN may be obvious on the surface. In fact, looking at the subcategories of APN on DeviantArt, you might think there's no need for an article that explains what an APN photograph is:

:bulletblue: Aquatic Life 
:iconjenfruzz:JenFruzz 31 25
Classic and HDR Nature Photography Tutorial+
Hi, everyone! Many people aked me to write a hdr nature photography tutorial, so here it is.
First of all I would like to remind (if someone already knows) some classic skills you have to know to get a good result in future hdr photography. For this you’ll need a dslr-camera, wide (exxtra-wide are even better, but not a necessity) lens and a lot of patience! So here we go - tips, that everybody should know:
:bulletgreen: First, always shoot in RAW-format, сuz it contains minimally processed data from the image sensor of a digital camera and this digital negative has a wider dynamic range or color gamut than the eventual final image format.
:bulletgreen: To get enough detail in nature/landscape photography you should work with big DOF (depth-of-field), the more DOF is - the more distance will be in focus. So increasing the f-number (reducing the aperture diameter) i
:iconsoulofautumn87:soulofautumn87 160 82
Forest Photography Tutorial
Animals, Plants, & Nature Week
Boing! Boing! Hello reader! Boing! Boing!
I am Nelleke, and I was asked to write an article about forest photography. Which is my favorite subject of photography! There is something about them that is timeless. Of course there's a reason forests get used so much as a backdrop in stories and movies... They can give you the feeling something magical is waiting just around the corner.

In this article I will discuss several points, some a bit longer than others. They are CompositionConditionsEquipment and Editing.
You might have seen a beautiful forest scene once, but noticed after taking a picture that it looks very different. A picture lacks the depth your eyes can see while walking in a forest. Which can result in a picture of just a flat bunch of trees.
:iconnelleke:Nelleke 163 89
A wonderful selection of photography tutorials to help you get started, or improve your photography skills!


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Updated: A little about me in 2016...

I never know what to write in these things, so here it goes! My name is Sarah-Jane. Lovely to meet you, dear fellow deviant artist! Thank you for visiting.

Well, many would describe me as a big softie, but those that truly know me well would probably say I am a fiery redhead. They're both true! Make no mistake, I may look young but I have enough wisdom to know better! ;) I have a big heart and I don't like to deal with anyone that lacks kindness or understanding.

Mostly I am honest and goofy. I say silly things sometimes and I tell terrible dad jokes. I'm friendly and love getting to know new people, especially those passionate about helping the community! :aww:

I believe in random acts of kindness. Positivity. I have great compassion for anyone enduring depression or anxiety. I love meeting new people. I think hugs are the greatest thing. I giggle snort a little too much. I will try make you laugh at the most inappropriate times. I will always mean things in good spirit, even if it doesn't come across through online words.

Very much looking forward to meeting you! Drop by and say hi sometime. I would love to return the favour and check out your gallery too!


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Journal Entry: Thu Feb 14, 2019, 3:07 AM
Hiya loves, 

I just wanted to wish everyone a beautiful Valentines Day and a happy new year! I'm a bit late on that but I hope to be around here again soon. :heart:

So much has happened the last few months, I wouldn't know where to begin! I've since deleted my account 'Noir-Luna', which was an account for me to experiment with self-portraiture and boudoir photography. I had learned so much about myself and my body - I would even say I've mostly recovered from a long-term eating disorder. I don't regret a thing about my journey then but it's not apart of who I am anymore.

Towards the end of 2018, I had a successful clairvoyant/psychic business, and I thought this was meant to be my life's calling. In a long story short, in January I travelled to Los Angeles on a holiday, and it was there that I learned I'd accidentally let in something 'dark' and I had to stop my business and donate everything I'd earned or bought. I arrived home in Melbourne and got rid of all my tarot / cards, crystal ball etc straight away. It really crushed me and I felt lost for awhile but I know in my heart it was the right thing to do. 

Now I'm back in align with God again and trust in Him with where I'm heading. Right now I'm teaching full time (and an Ambassador for an education company), so life is good. Really good, even. I'm really grateful for what I have, even though it feels like I'm working my way up again, I know it's all leading to something positive. :heart:

Pete and I have been engaged for awhile now and I can't wait to be married to him soon. He's been the one person who has always been a light in my life, and I know I'm insanely lucky to put up with my craziness all these years.

I hope to be back here soon, with plenty more photographs to upload! In the mean time, you can jump over to my website  - where I have restarted and changed my business to one where I can teach others how to use their intuition for a better / happier life. I have a blog there that I'll be posting more writing soon!

Many blessings and love,
SJ xx

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