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The TOS link is giving me issues (saying the page doesn't exist). What are the rules regarding trading and reselling characters? I remember reading a journal a while back about how whimlet owners set their own prices etc but I'm not sure if it's still there?
Thats right! <3 Once the ownership of the species changed I made it so owners could choose their own prices regardless of how the whimlet was obtained! <3 

I will look into the page issues though, that shouldn't be happening! Thanks for letting me know!

Hello! You've answered one of my questions on the eligibility of resale, thank you! Unfortunately, I also cannot get the TOS page to load.

I would like to resell this MYO Whimlet, but I don't know who to tell/ where to post the official status of ownership to update things if she does sell. Do you have any current info on that? Thank you very much!

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There's a link to our website on the front page! You can find everything about whimlets and turtledogs there!
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