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puppy adopts (closed)

I feel like an ass but I totally forgot I still had my super old tablet! When I say old I mean old, I think I got it in 2014? It took me a while to find the pen that goes with it but I'm so happy I was able to, even though it's so tiny and laggy it's a lot better than nothing right now! So I'm really happy to say I can still pop out some adoptables with it <3 I don't see myself doing anything other than adoptables since the lag on this makes it really hard to sketch and line. But this will help a lot and I'll be able to save to buy a brand new one and get back to art full-swing! (:
I'm so stinkin thankful to you guys for buying my adoptables and helping me out (':

** They are all 8 USD each **


Terms / Info
- Payment will be requested via paypal invoice!
- Payment is expected 24 hours after receiving the invoice, let me know if there's a minor set back! <3
- In the event of a chargeback, the design and ALL rights to it are returned to me.
- Not doing holds at this time, sorry! ):
- Claiming through comments is more ideal as I can miss messages!
- I would prefer to not do any major design edits, smaller ones can be discussed ~
- I am totally fine with breeding, gifting, design changes, etc (if making/commissioning a reference sheet, design credit ON it is greatly appreciated; but not required). Reselling for more than paid (8 USD) AS IS, is not okay!
- If uploading to toyhouse, you can credit me @ whimbrelle <3
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You sure can! ❤️

just note me your email and I’ll send the invoice for it! (:

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Can i snag 3?

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Sure thing! (:

just note me your email and I’ll send the invoice for em! ❤️

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may i have #2?

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Of course! (:

just note me with your email and I’ll send over the invoice for it! ❤️

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omfg I freaking adore #2, curse being broke lmao.

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Thanks so much! <3

It's really hard to pick a favorite from this batch for me, I seriously love them all! But I guess I especially love #3 because it looks so unique to me :'D

But I totally understand, being broke is the bane of my existence :o)

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Literally all of your designs are always so freaking pretty I swearrrr. And fr lmaooo same I totally feel that lolol.

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Ahh you’re so sweet! ❤️ THANK YOU! You’re designs are so adorable too, always love the colors you pick with them! Excited for our trade : D

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Aww that means so much to me, thank you so much friend!! <3333 and I’m super excited too!!! <33

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