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irish moonhound adoptable (closed)

Here's the Wolfhound I promised! I've been so happy with my designs lately aaa
Any suggestions for another breed adoptable? Maybe something small like a Pomeranian?
Another one that might be fun is an Afghan Hound or Saluki :D

I've also gotten a few questions about commissions lately, and I'm working on a commission sheet
for the people interested! I'll likely only take 2 at a time (:


Upon purchase of this girl I will add/remove the name per the buyers request! I will also send her
3 images separately <3

She is up for grabs for 24 USD through paypal! I am now doing invoice requests!
If you're interested just comment below! Thank you for checking her out ~

Adopted by aPercival <3
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Ahhh these have all been so gorgeous!! Your art is stunning~

Some possible breed ideas for you: basenji, Chinese crested, Rhodesian ridgeback, and Ibizan hound.

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Thank you so much, it means a lot! :'D

I actually thought of a chinese crested too! The others are also good suggestions, haven't seen a rhodesian ridgeback character in some time ~

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Do you have some form of pinglist for these? I see so many I want but every time I see them for the first time, they've already been claimed ;v;

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Aw I'm so sorry! D: I'd be more than happy to start a ping list for you! <3

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That'd be awesome! I'd love to get one of your designs, if only I was quick enough c,:

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I'll take her <3

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Thank you! :'D

You can message me your email and I'll send over the invoice! <3

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