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I really wanted a new 100x100 avatar, so I did this shih tzu pixel (first pixel work in ages!)
BUT according to dA this avatar exceeds the KB size limits, so I can't use it since I have no clue how to fix that stuff : o )
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100x100px 32.89 KB
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AAA this is gorgeous! <33

what art program do you use? when saving the file, there may be a "compress file" option if there are advanced saving options--usually that does the trick for me if my pixels exceed the size limit

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Ohwow thank you!!! ;v; ♡ Pixels are really fun and I want to play around with them more often!

I use SAI but I do 90% of my final file saving on GIMP since sai can be super weird with it lol! Gimp has advanced settings so I'll give that a try; thank you so much for the advice!! :'D

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Ooh yeah I use GIMP too, so hopefully that works! nvn