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Saluki adopt (closed)

I'm happy with all of my designs but I REALLY love this girl, enough that I gave her a name haha! I hope she goes to someone who will appreciate her! I wanted to do a design that was rather simple but unique (my favorite kind of designs!), and she looks p-e-r-f-e-c-t. *3* I've been wanting to do a Saluki myself and one was suggested a few times. Always love when breed suggestions are dropped! <3 I'm thinking of doing a dark or 'evil-ish' character next, so maybe suggest breeds that would make a good mean guy? :D

Ping List ::
Let me know if you'd like to be added (or removed from!) to the pinglist for when I upload adopts like this!

Notes for Purchase ::
She is 25USD
CLOSED! LynxiFoxxARPG <3
- Payment via paypal invoice!
- ** PAYMENT IS DUE UPON RECEIVING THE INVOICE. Please DO NOT ask to buy my art if you can not/will not pay when I send the invoice! I'm honestly amazed with how often this has happened to me in the past month and that I even have to add this as a rule! I am an extremely kind and understanding person and little delays happen! I get it! But not letting me know about any delay or if you're not interested in the adoptable anymore and I'm still waiting on a payment or even a message 3 - 5 days later is SO RUDE and I'm just so frustrated this keeps happening to me. I promise I wont be upset if you just tell me you're no longer interested or there's an unexpected delay. After 24 hours of sending an invoice and I haven't received payment OR a message it will be cancelled and you will be blacklisted. **
- Not doing holds at this time, I'm sorry! </3 Sold by a FCFS basis.
- Please credit me for my artwork & the design! (if uploading to TH, my username is whimbrelle)
- Upon purchase I can change her name if you don't like it, and her 3 images will be sent separately!
- I am okay with 'breedings' of my designs as long as the puppies aren't exact copies (:
- I am okay with re-selling, gifting, etc- as long as she's not sold for more than you paid (unless she has extra art of course!)
You shouldn't profit more from my work than I did pretty much ~

Thank you for viewing! <3 (:
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So pretty may I nab her? ;; Your designs are perfect!

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Aw wow thank you so so much!! That means a lot to me eee! I'm still super happy with this girl ;3; <3

You can definitely snatch her up! :D Just let me know your email and I'll send over the invoice! ~

Also let me know if you'd like anything changed/added on her ref! c:

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Sent! :'D

I'll send you over a note with her files! <3

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Sent!~ <3 sorry for the delay

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Wow she's beautiful and I love the whole idea for her!

As for scary/ bad guy dog breeds -


Doberman Pinscher

Bully breeds

Caucasian Ovcharka / Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Cane Corso

Tibetan Mastiff / English Mastiff


Alaskan Malamute

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Thank you! Also for the suggestions!

I'm leaning towards doing a malamute since I've got a design idea that I think will look good (:

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No problem!

Sounds great, can't wait to see it!

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