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Ridgeback Adopt (closed)

Finally had to motivation to finish one of my adoptables! I have quite a few in the works, just gotta finish them! One of my recent adoptables got a DD, which made me so so SO happy! If you're a new follower- hi there! :'D

A Rhodesian Ridgeback design was suggested by Chazz10Join, and I thought one would be really fun to draw; so thanks for the suggestion! If anyone has any ideas of which breeds you'd like to see let me know, there's just so many awesome breeds to I have a hard time singling out which ones I want to do a design for! I really love doing the more uncommon breeds; ones you don't see a lot of OC's for (:

Ping List:
(If you'd like to be added to my ping list to be notified whenever I upload an adopt like this, let me know!)

Notes for purchase:
- Payment is accepted via Paypal Invoice ~
- Upon purchase I will add the name of your choice to the reference sheet
- I will also send the 3 transparent images of the character
- Please credit me for my artwork & design!
- I am okay with with 'breedings' of characters I design as long as the puppies aren't exact copies!
- Resale is okay as long as the character is not sold for more than you paid! (unless they have extra art of course!)
You shouldn't profit more from my work than I did, pretty much (:

She is Sold!
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I can pay today for her, I know I asked to put her on hold, but I really don’t want to miss her x

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If she is still open, could I get her?

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Hey there! Sorry for the late reply, but she was claimed! Sorry about that! ):

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She turned out so beautiful!! I love her!

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Also some different dog breeds to try?


Finnish Spitz

Tibetan Mastiff

Chinese Crested

Norwegian Lundehund

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goodness she’s stunning, can I be added to the ping list? (:

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Thanks so much! :'D & absolutely! <3

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Would you be able to put her on hold until Saturday/Sunday? I get paid tomorrow and need to sort out bills first but I love her!!

I'd also love to be added to thing ping list x

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I'm so tempted to buy this gal ;v;

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Aw I'm really glad you like her! c': <3

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