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Malamute Design Raffle Giveaway!

I've been wanting to do something like this for a little while now, just to show my appreciation for my followers <3
It's not that big, but I'll do something bigger here soon (: I figured this guy would make a great candidate for a small giveaway!
I hope you guys like him <3

Giveaway Info ::
- I'm giving him away via raffle! If you want to participate just comment and I'll give you your number, first comment gets 1, second gets 2, and so on. When it ends I will use a random number generator to pick the winner!
- You must be following me!
- Enter because you like the design and will appreciate it, not to resale it right away
- This ends on 06/26/2021 roughly around 8PM Eastern time

Design Info ::
- He's a chonky cranky malamute with a snaggle tooth. He cute though.
- If you win you get all rights, including breeding, gifting, etc- just credit me for this piece and his design (:

Thank you to the 4 who entered for this guy! ♡
I wish I could do something for all of you!
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OrenWiLDHound's avatar

I would be happy to enter! Your designs are fantastic! and this boy is really cute <3

whimbrellic's avatar

Thank you, that means so much to me! :'D Good luck! <3

Your number is 4 ~ (:

opossumkisses's avatar

I'd love to enter! ♡ what a cutie!

whimbrellic's avatar

Yayy I'm happy you like him, and thank you for entering! C: ♡

Your number is 3! ~

Harbinger-Of-Fire's avatar

I will enter! What a chomky bean! I bet he has the SOFTEST of fur! >w<

whimbrellic's avatar

Thanks for entering! ♡ Right! hes one fluffy boi! :B

Your number is 2 (:

whimbrellic's avatar

Hi again! Wanted to let you know that your number was pulled so you win! :D

Xana-Akai's avatar

I woud love to enter, what a cutie ♡

whimbrellic's avatar

Eee thank you! So happy you like him :'D

You're number 1 <3

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