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I am a comicbook creator looking to expand my skillset...
What a different time makes...there are more and more artist taking the digital route and producing not only stunning artwork but professional images for work. Digital has come a long way, yet still has a ways to go. The two finger instant rotation of the image goes a long way to that end, yet there still is the tactile or lack of tactile feedback of the stylus, the randomness of the real world brush which any artist will tell you leads to numerous "happy experiments", and the ability to "spin" the brush and use its edge as a flat or its corners as a point, the real ability to mix colors, there should also be a preset of colors (palleatte) th
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Thruout my 25 years of working on the Pro level as a comicbook artist I have always tried to find the time to experiment and train in different media's. My favorite of mixing real world tools with digital tools. I now almost exclusively use a 14-inch widescreen Tablet PC (which I carry with me almost everywhere I go these days) utilizing Photoshop and Sketchbook Pro to do professional jobs digitally. In my spare "art" moments in my home studio I almost exclusively oil paint for pleasure. This is a portfolio showing my various experiments in real and digital media's...I hope you visually enjoy and appreciate the effort to learn beyond my est
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Oh crap!! The legend man!! 0_0
You are still one of my favorites!  I know there are a lot more Filipino artists in Marvel and DC now but I always think of you as the first.  You were the one that got me into drawing and thinking that I can also make comics!  I still remember that X-Men cover you drew somewhere during the 1990s where Storm was looking up while the rain fell on her.  That one is still one of the most moving X-men covers in my memory.
I remember when Wet Works first came out and I was dazzled by the gold king midas touch suits. The cover art work on some of those are stuck in my long term memory. I specifically remember the one where the girl is surrounded by candles.
I just watched a video of you from 20 years ago called "Comic Book Greats" where you were talking to Stan Lee. Great video with lots of excellent insights to the way you created comics and your whole process.

Then I was glad to see you are also on Deviant Art and quickly added you to my watch list!

I really love your art and it inspires me greatly. I want to get better and better even though I am in my thirties. I used to draw when I was in school and only picked it up again recently, just as a hobby, because I felt bad about not drawing anymore and it always bothered me. I hope it's not too late for me to reach my potential, but I'm just glad I'm enjoying drawing again!

Thanks for your awesome work and generosity :)
wishing you a very merry Christmas!!
OMG Whilce Portacio!!! Nice to see a new post! It was an honour meeting you at Fan Expo in Vancouver last month!
Dude, get back on here! Need to see some of your artwork, man!