We Will Buy Back Unwanted Whifflings

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(The Whifflings group- aka mewhaku)

If you have a Whiffling design you don't want, I (mewhaku) can offer any of the following in exchange for them:

- MYO slots (primarily!)
- Customs (also an option!)
- Art
- Money (depending on if the design was bought in the first place!)

Obviously we hope Whifflings will be enjoyed and traded amongst various users, but if you really don't use your character anymore-- we certainly would love to have a chance to rehome them!

Whifflings "bought back" through this method to mewhaku would be potentially redesigned, kept as personal characters / used as NPCs, or resold + rehomed. Please feel free to note either the Whifflngs group or Mewhaku privately to discuss your options!

Remember, all scents are unique for this species. So we want users to have as many options to enjoy their characters!

Note, by no means feel pressured to "use" a character of this species. This is merely an option for those looking to rehome their Whiffling in some way and would like a nearly 100% buying back option. Mewhaku is only willing to pay what she can afford/is considered fair, however. So please be open to negotiation as the Masterlist does record original purchase prices! If you don't come to an agreed price, no worries. This is just an option to consider! =)
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