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Oh, who's this? It looks like a Whiffling has appeared in front of you.
With the coming Spring, they must be out to play in the newly blooming flowers!

This Cobweb Rabbit is looking for a new home! 
They were lovingly designed by Auriole, and feature a new piece of bonus artwork shown above as well.


Winners have been rolled!

First RNG candidate was... 

I'll reach out to you to transfer this kid over to you, and also ask what type of art you'd like me to draw of them~ Congrats!
You may also defer your prize to the next pick, if you would prefer.

Second was...

Necromouser - You win the next prize, a Common MYO Slot- unless ceiine would prefer that over the Whiffling!

And finally, SpeedyDVV will win the shaded headshot of any character (of course governed by the rules above)!

Thanks for entering! It looks like everyone won something, which is lovely! ^^


Aside from ownership of this adorable little rabbit whiffling, 
the first place winner will gain a new piece of artwork of their Whiffling from me, mewhaku!

Second Place wins a Common MYO Whiffling Slot!
Third Place wins a shaded headshot of any character from me, mewhaku !

You have the option to defer a prize (aka choose the MYO if you get first place), in order of placement.

All you have to do to enter is the following:
- Join the whifflings group! You'll need to in order to own this little guy after all.
- Share this journal in a poll or other journal/watch status. Link it down below.

For more tickets, you can tag up to 3 friends, or draw the Whiffling shown above!
You earn 1 ticket for each friend you tag, and +3 more tickets for each piece of art of the Cobweb Rabbit!

77. Cobweb Rabbit by whifflebank

This will run until March 31st at 11:59pm EST. - This has been extended!

© 2019 - 2021 whifflings
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Winner determination has been rolled-
ceIine is in First -
Necromouser Second -
SpeedyDVV Third!

I will reach out to the winners in order of the rolls to give out prizes. Congrats!
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Welp, can't complain! :D
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wow.. what a cute kid i love em... www.deviantart.com/ceiine/stat…
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Thank you for entering~ You have ticket #5!
Necromouser's avatar
I'm here to enter, definitely not very much last minute, haha
here's my ad

I'm also gonna tag ceIine and TG-I bc I figured you two might like the aesthetic of this kid uwu
no pressure tho ofc!!!
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yes!!!!!! this kid is totally my aesthetic !! I was planning to enter if I could find time, but either way I'm hoping they find a good home! (And thank you for tagging me!!)
Necromouser's avatar
v glad to hear!!! & yw!!
crossing my fingers for u that u can still find the time to enter!~
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Thank you for your entry! 
You have tickets #2, #3, and #4!
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Eh, y'know what? I already advertised this raffle alongside the Paralogos MYO event, but allow me to actually do the entry thing here. o3o;

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Thank you for your entry! You have ticket #1! :hug:
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